Saturday, September 8, 2012

Bands looking for reviews.. look no further

So, I've always taken demo/album submissions from bands and labels but I think I'm going to make it my full time blogging gig from now on. Bands from all walks of life and all styles of Death/Black/Grind/Hardcore/Noise/Folk etc are welcome to submit their tunes. Heres a couple of bullet points to understand before you email me..

- If your band sucks I'm going to tell you that you suck and why you suck. I'm not going to score every submission well unless it deserves to be scored as so. Please take any and all criticism like an adult.

- If your band truly kicks ass I will help you get your material out to more listeners.

- mp3's are fine and good, but physical copies are much better. Theres nothing better than being able to hold a cd/cassette/vinyl in your hands before a review. By allowing yourself to soak in the artwork and liner notes it will enhance the overall perception of the material..

Bands and labels interested can email me at

i hope your submission ends up here...