Monday, November 28, 2011

Derketa- Premature Burial (1990)

Premature Burial (1990)
Genre- Death/Doom Metal

Hey guys, sorry the posting has been slow but work has been brutal and I've been working on a little bit of music myself. Anyway, here is a pretty sick find I'd like to share with ya, this all female doom squad formed in 1988 and released this 2 song in '90. Pretty heavy stuff, kinda like Mythic but not as deathy. Worth a listen if you're in the mood for some slow and punishing old school shit.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Gorerotted- Only Tools And Corpses (2003)

Only Tools And Corpses (2003)
Genre- Death Metal/Grindcore

A violent death grind experience! This is a very fun listen, brutal bouncing riffs and drumming, clever audio samples and dueling vocals. The vocals make this album shine in my opinion, the combination of low, rotten, guttural death vocals and audible, grindy, higher ranged with an English accent screams is fucking perfect and it really made these guys stand out from the rest of the deathgrind crowd. They've since changed their name to 'The Rotten' and have lost their signature grinding edge, if somehow you haven't heard this yet you should really consider clicking that link...

Vesania- God The Lux (2005)

God The Lux (2005)
Genre- Symphonic Black Metal/Death Metal

Dark symphonic blackened death metal from Poland, featuring Orion of Behemoth on guitar and lead vocals. I first found about these guys when I was on vacation way back in 2006 when I happened to see them perform in Denmark with Cryptopsy and Visceral Bleeding.This is a great full length for black metal fans, especially those fond of Behemoth.

Fleshgod Apocalypse- Mafia (2010)

Fleshgod Apocalypse
Mafia (2010)
Genre- Technical Melodic Death Metal

These Italians are the real deal. Fast techy riffs, aggressive vocals and lots of experimentation. Their most recent outing "Agony" is by far one of the best albums of 2011, be sure to check out my 'albums of the year' post in a few weeks to see if it lands at the top spot... Until then, make sure to check out last years beast of an EP, Mafia.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Parabstruse- And I, The Cape Of (2007)


Genre- Atmospheric Black Metal/Experimental

Genre- Post Black Metal/Rock/Instrumental

So there was a pretty awesome, one-man, technical death grind 'band' by the name of Semen Across Lips. After a while Garry, the sole member, decided to switch styles completely and go for a more abstract, black metal influenced sound. It started out as a pretty straight forward experimental black metal/space project after (and even slightly before...) he changed names. The demos are some very haunting and atmospheric stuff with a post rock/psychedelic edge and hints of melodic death metal. His second demo was a 10 minute instrumental epic 'And I, The Cape Of' and it couldn't sound more different. Fans of Pelican should really get down on that one. These are definitely 2 cool demos to check out. Enjoy.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Arckanum- Gava Fran Trulen (video)

Gava Fran Trulen (video)
Genre- Black Metal

Energy is low, once again the negative effect of working retail during the holidays. I manage a massive liquor store and with Thanksgiving today, it is now officially go time. I'm feeling mighty thrashed right now and this video was one of the few things I knew would brighten my day. It is not a great video, in fact its kinda humorous how bad it is, unintentionally I'm sure. Anyway, I don't know why, but I love it and Arckanum plain fucking rules, watching Shamaatae take a hike through some some Swedish forest with his bad ass staff is pretty awesome man. The top comment on the YouTube clip is classic "I like the part when he's in the woods and says 'Arrgh!' ". That about sums up the whole damn thing! Enjoy this vid and wish me luck in battle against the hordes of equally stressed and rabid consumers, and just think... only a month 'til xmas... joy =/

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shattered Realm- All Will Suffer (2001)

Shattered Realm
All Will Suffer (2001)
Genre- Hardcore/Death Metal

One of NJ's most punishing acts of all time. This here was the best incarnation of Shattered Realm featuring Chris Realm on the vocal duties. True, street raised hardcore with a thick death metal accent. Punishing breakdowns and memorable riffs. Man, these guys were a fucking wrecking crew live. This is absolutely essential to fans of early 'deathcore'.

Perpetual Doom- Sorrow's End (1995)

Perpetual Doom
Sorrow's End (1995)
Genre- Death Metal/Metalcore

Perpetual Doom was a death metal band from Massachusetts, they released one demo in '95 and this is it. What's cool here is that it features Phil Labonte, who would go on to work with Shadows Fall and ultimately All That Remains, and also a guy named Steve Gonsalves, who would go on to become one of TV's "Ghost Hunters". And whats even cooler than all that, you ask? This demo really doesnt suck... enjoy.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sworn- The Alleviation (2007)

The Alleviation (2007)
Genre- Melodic Black Metal

I cant believe its taken me this long to share such an amazing album! This is the crushing debut from Norway's best kept secret, Sworn. Driving riffs dominate this album for me and there's lots of em, they mix it up between cold, aggressive black metal and hints of super pretty, melodic folk very well. This really is a must listen.

Morpheus- Adipocere (1991)

Adipocere (1991)
Genre- Death Metal

Bad ass New York death metal from the early 90's. Fans of early Suffocation should hear the similarities and will really get down with this fuzzy toned, high energy, neck thrashing death bath. Morpheus changed their name to Morpheus Descends in '92 and released 2 full lengths. Take 15 minutes and enjoy this dirty old school shit.

Naglfar- Vittra (1995)

Vittra (1995)
Genre- Melodic Black Metal

The frozen debut full length from Sweden's Naglfar. Miles of haunting riffs that will stay with you long after the spin, punishing drums and chilling vocals. Vittra is probably the most 'black' album from the Nag and it's definitely my favorite of their discography.

Candiria- Surrealistic Madness (1996)

Surrealistic Madness (1996)
Genre- Hardcore/Death Metal/Jazz/Noise

One of the most talented, overlooked and underrated bands in the entire history of the metal scene. These guys dont even have a Metal Archives page, to say that Candiria is not metal is fucking ridiculous.. Anyway, they bring a unique, raw, attitude filled assault with every breath. Blink and you'll miss parts of their genius, for these guys move at 100 mph. Every album (and song...) is different and special in its own way mixing passages of death metal, hardcore, noise, tribal, acid jam, jazz and rap. I find this to be one of their more brutal releases and I will do my damnedest to share my entire collection of Candiria at some point. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tamut Amen- Demo (2011)

Tamut Amen (2011)

This short gem of an EP landed in my inbox tonight. Tamut Amen hail from Israel and bring an aggressive, blasting style of blackened grindcore to the listener. Hints of old school hardcore lay beneath thick bass driven death metal grooves, punishing stomp parts, dark black metal gates and bursts of grinding insanity all of which join to form very solid EP.

Nocturnus- The Key (1990)

The Key (1990)
Genre- Thrash/Death Metal

Wow, some really technical, spaced out, acid shit from the early Floridian death scene. Totally digging on the cybernetic/seizure anime thing on the cover too. This album delivers and you should really check it out, its pretty epic... man.

Diabolic- Vengeance Ascending (2001)

Vengeance Ascending (2001)
Genre- Death Metal

Hailing from Florida, this is Diabolic's 3rd full length offering and it is probably my favorite in their vast catalogue of releases. Simple enough in song structures and in the riffage department.. Excellent drumming saves this album, notably this guys' feet. Very sick. Vengeance Ascending doesn't normally score too well in its reviews, especially on Metal Archives, but I think this is an album worth checking out for yourself.

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Blasphitized- Demo (2008)

Demo (2008)
Genre- Death Metal/Gore Grind

These sick UK fuckers haven't done much since this demo and a gory 3-way split in the same year but they've sure made an impact on me and my IPod. I respect "gore grind" or "gore slam" buts its not my go-to style, enter the creative and crushing sound of Blasphitized... This demo is 3 songs of repulsive gore grind with a few goofy samples thrown in. The big deal here, in my opinion is vocalist Tom Blackwell, this guy is pretty unbelievable his voice is indescribable and it's something you should check out. now..

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pessimist- Blood For The Gods (1999)

Blood For The Gods (1999)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

These underrated metallers from Maryland create a well balanced blend of brutal death metal and black metal with this release. Just check out the YouTube link I dropped for 'Century of Lies' and if that song doesn't get you into these guys then just move along.

Circle of Dead Children- Zero Comfort Margin (2005)

Circle of Dead Children
Zero Comfort Margin (2005)
Genre- Death/Grind

Violently dirty but still rather abstract and experimental death grind from this classic PA outfit. It's either love or hate for Horvath's vocals, some of his sounds are pretty fucking out there and very unique. A punishing listen.

Opeth- My Arms Your Hearse (1998)

My Arms Your Hearse (1998)
Genre- Melodic Black Metal/Progressive

This is one of my favorite albums of all time. This is the first Opeth album to feature former Amon Amarth drummer Martin Lopez, who added his components of a jazzy upbeat and almost a Latin flair to the drums, and the classic Opeth sound was complete. This haunting album will please those looking for outstanding musicianship and song writing as well as those looking for a dark, layered wall of sound to get lost in eternally!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Excavation- Psychotic Possession (1992)

Psychotic Possession (1992)
Genre- Death Metal

Raw, groovy early death metal from the Netherlands.

In Memorium- From Misery... Comes Darkness (2003)

In Memorium
From Misery... Comes Darkness (2003)
Genre- Black Metal/Death Metal

Frozen, highly melodic blackened death metal from Seattle with hints of metalcore subtly dispersed throughout. Some decent stuff, worth a listen for sure.

Xexyz- Primeval Mountain (2006)

Primeval Mountain (2006)
Genre- Black Metal/NES 8-bit

This is one of the strangest "black metal" albums in my entire collection, even more bizarre than Evil AKcoustik's 'Chronicles'... Somehow I even managed to score the limited edition reissue somewhere along my cd purchasing travels. Anyway, Xexyz is a one man project from Illinois who takes dreary black metal and mixes it with Nintendo style 8-bit effects creating some sort of bastard hybrid tracks somewhere in between cover and original. Some of it is pretty good, especially when its not as heavy on the 8-bit nonsense. The vocals tend to dwell between harsh rasps and the realm of whiney, swooning drawn out yells, comical at times but still pretty brutal when it needs to be. This is worth checking out only for the very open minded in search of some really, really obscure shit. Enjoy.

Immolation- Here In After (1996)

Here In After (1996)
Genre- Death Metal

The second full length from New York's Immolation, and my personal favorite of their releases. A thick, rotten helping of crunchy, low tuned death metal. Spastic drums, dark haunting vocals, stomping breakdowns and wicked sounding guitar incantations throughout. Some classic evil shit from these NYC legends.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Absu- The Third Storm Of Cythraul (1997)

The Third Storm Of Cythraul (1997)
Genre- Blackened Thrash/Death Metal

Absu's 3rd full length. Another slab of unique blackened thrash metal from these Texan veterans. This album is the first in a trilogy about old Celtic mythology.

Diecast- Undo The Wicked (1998)

Undo The Wicked (1998)
Genre- Metalcore/Hardcore

Man.. when I was a youngin' this was my shit. Throw away every negative notion you currently have about Diecast because this here is the good stuff. Straight up aggressive, bass driven Boston hardcore from the day. Full of memorable samples, catchy vocals and monstrous floor clearing build ups. This EP's personnel is slightly different from that on 2001's 'Day Of Reckoning' in the strings dept, and the songs are also built to be much longer and move at a slower pace at times. This is some must have shit for fans of the early East Coast hardcore/metalcore movement.

Aborted/Christ Denied (2000)

Aborted/Christ Denied (2000)
Genre- Death Metal, Grindcore

An absolutely violent attack straight through both bands. These 2 sides really compliment each other so well on this release. The version of 'Sea of Cartilage' found here may be my favorite Aborted song of all time and Christ Denied's flawless cover of Pyrexia's classic 'The Uncreation' with Rotten's insane voice just simply fucking slays. Fans of either band or just fans great death metal in general, really should not miss out on this.

Wolves In The Throne Room- Celestial Lineage (2011)

Wolves In The Throne Room
Celestial Lineage (2011)
Genre- Atmospheric Black Metal

Say what you'd like about these black metallers from the Pacific Northwest... This record, in my opinion, this is one of the best releases of the year. The dark, ominous atmosphere created throughout the entire album makes you feel as if you're trapped inside the cold rocky cavern portrayed on the cover. Fans of an evil out of body black metal experience, disregard the haters, do yourself a favor and give these guys a fair shot.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Caducity- The Weiliaon Wielder Quest (1995)

The Weiliaon Wielder Quest (1995)
Genre- Death Metal

Yea so I finally got around to ripping this classic Belgian death metal album since I couldn't find a link anywhere else to share with you guys. This is some really out there stuff, fantasy lyrics, low violent barking vocals and everything else you could possibly want in a mid 90's import war themed death metal record. This is probably one of the rarest in my collection. Enjoy!

Fuck... Im Dead -vs- Engorged (2002)

Fuck... Im Dead -vs- Engorged (2002)

This is worth checking out pretty much solely for the 'Fuck.. I'm Dead' tracks. They spew out 8 blistering tracks of high speed drum machine madness. Engorged doesn't deliver much.

Mouth of the Serpent- Manifest (2011)

Mouth of the Serpent
Manifest (2011)
Genre: Deathcore/Metalcore

Some interesting shit out of Cali. 2 songs, definitely some Black Dahlia Murder worship. I've gotta say I like the cover art a lot, very tripped out stuff. Judge the tunes for yourself.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Adramelech- Spring of Recovery (1992)

Spring of Recovery (1992)
Genre: Death Metal

This 2 song (plus an intro) is yet another classic Finnish death metal offering from the early 90's. Generally down tuned but yet thrashy and almost grinding at times in the riff dept, solid blasts, drum fills and transitions and deep froggy gutturals done Demilich style. This is a 10 minute death metal history lesson, get on this now.

NJ Bloodline- Be Afraid... (1997)

NJ Bloodline
Be Afraid... (1997)
Genre- Hardcore

6 songs of raw, evil hardcore from these New Jersey legends.

Abysmal Dawn- Leveling The Plane Of Existence (2011)

Abysmal Dawn
Leveling The Plane Of Existence (2011)
Genre- Death Metal

The most recent slab of death from these LA natives boasts a super neat production and a loads of catchy hooks that will stay with the listener long after. Fans of Morbid Angel's 'Heretic' will definitely hear something they like here. A solid release that may just make my AOTY list...

Obscura- Cosmogenesis (2009)

Cosmogenesis (2009)
Genre- Technical/Progressive Death Metal

Germany's Obscura plays a super fast, ultra technical breed of death metal on this album. The musicianship here is almost second to none, and this album was one of my favorites of 2009. Pounding tech riffs, inhuman drumming, audible jazzy bass lines and harsh low-end vocals all come together to blast the listener. Although it should be apparent upon sampling, fans of the mighty Necrophagist should be aware that Obscura features the outstanding musical talents of both Hannes Grossmann, and Christian Muenzner. This is a must listen.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Arkangel- Dead Man Walking (1999)

Dead Man Walking (1999)
Genre: Metalcore

Fast, aggressive and catchy death/metalcore. This is a riff assault, like I said in another post about Arkangel, they've never strayed much from their winning song writing formula. Short songs, demonic vocals, high energy and golden riff after golden riff. This is essential.

All Else Failed- Archetype (2001)

All Else Failed
Archetype (2001)
Genre: Chaotic Metalcore

These guys hailed from Philly and brought tons of emotion and chaos to the studio and the live show. I'll never forget the first time I saw All Else Failed, it was in 2001 and the singer busted his head up so bad with the mic he had to leave the stage, such a great show. Anyway, these guys were thick in the middle of the now classic Now Or Never Records line up in the early 00's along with Diecast and The Dillinger Escape Plan. This is a great album, love the piano parts.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Caducity- Whirler Of Fate (1997)

Whirler Of Fate (1997)
Genre: Viking/Death Metal

Some of my favorite obscure import death metal, raw but catchy, heavy and aged to fucking perfection. This is Shiver Records, fuckin A right. I guess I'll upload their first album, 'The Weilliaon Wielder Quest' when I get a few minutes, because it seems that one isn't on the internets at all...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Makai- Embracing The Shroud Of A Blackened Sky (2010)

The Makai
Embracing The Shroud Of A Blackened Sky (2010)
Genre: Doom/Blackened/Other

Monstrosity- Imperial Doom (1992)

Imperial Doom (1992)
Genre- Death Metal

Heres some insane early shit from Florida's Monstrosity. Sick blasts, tons of groove and flow and a powerful vocal performance from George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher, currently of Cannibal Corpse. Fans of old school Floridian death should eat this album up.

Belial- Wisdom Of Darkness (1992)

Wisdom Of Darkness (1992)
Genre: Blackened Death Metal

This is just way too sick for 1992. An ultra violent assault of dark, brutal death metal punishment from, you guessed it, Finland. This is a must have.

Hope For The Dying- Dissimulation (2011)

Hope For The Dying
Dissimulation (2011)
Genre: Melodic Metalcore

Now, I dont give a fuck if your band sings about god, satan, parrots or who or what ever... As long as the music is good you'll have my attention. This here is pretty good shit, incredible guitar work arranged in wonderful almost orchestral movements that really dominate the appeal of this album. Sure it can get a little whiney at times but for metalcore fans, most notably, listeners of early 'The Human Abstract' material, this is a young band worth checking out.

Cephalic Carnage- Lucid Interval (2002)

Cephalic Carnage
Lucid Interval (2002)
Genre: Technical Death Metal/Other

What a clusterfuck this album is, and I mean that in a good way. Cephalic Carnage has a very unique sound of highly controlled chaos that so many other bands attempt, but fail to achieve. The constant tempo changes, genre switches and overall musical intensity and variation is pretty hard to duplicate and involves crazy levels of skill. Formed in 1992 they are still without a doubt one of the modern death metal elite. Oh yea, and they get stoned... a lot.

Discordance Axis- Ulterior (1995)

Discordance Axis
Ulterior (1995)
Genre- Grindcore

Discordance Axis is definitely one of my favorite grindcore bands, ever. This here is their first album its got some raw sewage production, chaotic drumming, alternating vocals from low ranged barks to viciously high shrieks (reminds me of Seth from AC at times, actually) and loads of brilliant riffs for the genre. This is great shit and it just happens to be from Jersey, win.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ragnarok- Arising Realm (1997)

Arising Realm (1997)
Genre- Black Metal

Fast and nearly to the point of thrashy at times, this is ultra punishing black metal from Norway. Chilling, fuzzy guitars but with an overall clean production quality, harsh raspy vocals, excellent drum fills and a few well timed ominous keyboard entries. This is for sure my favorite Ragnarok album and this is absolutely essential black metal.

Vehemence- God Was Created (2002)

God Was Created (2002)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal

So please don't let the demented muppet on the cover fool you because this is one bad ass slab of melodic death metal. A concept album, strewn with violence and anti religion over tones and excellent musicianship. This shit is scary tight, and probably their best recording, Metal Archives says that they're still 'active' but I'll believe that when I see it. On a side note, guitarist Bjorn Dannov was a member of Abigail Williams and is featured on the "Legend" EP. Get it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Repulsion- Horrified (1989)

Horrified (1989)
Genre: Grindcore/Death Metal

Formed in 1986, and formerly called Genocide, these true originators of the gore grind genre deserve a shit ton of credit for influencing bands like Napalm Death and Terrorizer. Horrified is 18 tracks of sickening deathgrind in its purest form. The raw recording, sick blasts and deathly barks all coalesce into one of the most classic and essential grindcore albums of all time. Get on this shit now, if you hunt hard enough you can even find the Relapse Records 2 disc reissue featuring all 3 Genocide demos, a Genocide live set and 2 later Repulsion demos.

Danny Tanner- The Never Ending Process (2010)

Danny Tanner
The Never Ending Process (2010)
Genre: Grindcore/Death Metal

NJ's Danny Tanner strike again with their second full length, The Never Ending Process. A noisy, experimental grindcore album, aptly named for the ungodly amount of time it took these guys to get their shit together and release a new album (almost 3 years). Highlights include; Boris the Crusher, Kill Me Yeti and Four Beers. The release features 12 new songs and also includes 5 bonus demos recorded from 2006-2008. Is this truly the finest grind? You decide.

Nux Vomica- The Uninspired (2005)

Nux Vomica
The Uninspired (2005)
Genre- Thrash/Crust/Death Metal

The debut EP from Nux Vomica. A weird, melodic journey straight to hell in only 3 tracks.

Darkest Hour- So Sedated, So Secure (2001)

Darkest Hour
So Sedated, So Secure (2001)
Genre: Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal

I've always had a thing for Darkest Hour, the energy, the riffage, the live show, all really great stuff. I chose to post this one because it contains my favorite Darkest Hour song 'An Epitaph' and because I just scored this classic early 00's metalcore album for only a penny on Amazon (love that shit). So Sedated So Secure is their second relentless full length. Looking back, these guys really owned the genre before bands likes The Absence, The Black Dahlia Murder and Arsis rose to the top. Their Swedish melo-death vibes are pretty awesome, especially on this album.

Ghoul- Transmission Zero (2011)

Transmission Zero (2011)
Genre: Thrash/Black/Death Metal

This is the fourth full length from Oakland CA's Ghoul, I've got a lot of catching up to do with these guys too. Very heavy on the thrash influence, with glimmers of dark black metal, catchy rock hooks and old school death metal grooves. Although their identities are kept secret, it is rumored that most members are part of the medical themed death metal outfit Impaled. This album drops tomorrow and is yet another quality, high energy release from Tank Crimes.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Caninus/Hatebeak split (2005)

Caninus/Hatebeak (2005)

Well shit, after that first Caninus post I couldn't just tease about bird metal and then NOT come through with the goods. So here it is... birds vs dogs, and the name of the battle is grindcore. Honestly some of the squawking is pretty damn awesome over the music. Tell me you dont love that album title... and if you dont get it you've got some serious metal homework to do.