Monday, November 21, 2011

Candiria- Surrealistic Madness (1996)

Surrealistic Madness (1996)
Genre- Hardcore/Death Metal/Jazz/Noise

One of the most talented, overlooked and underrated bands in the entire history of the metal scene. These guys dont even have a Metal Archives page, to say that Candiria is not metal is fucking ridiculous.. Anyway, they bring a unique, raw, attitude filled assault with every breath. Blink and you'll miss parts of their genius, for these guys move at 100 mph. Every album (and song...) is different and special in its own way mixing passages of death metal, hardcore, noise, tribal, acid jam, jazz and rap. I find this to be one of their more brutal releases and I will do my damnedest to share my entire collection of Candiria at some point. Enjoy.


  1. nice post! like you said very underrated , i saw these guy play in salt lake city in 1999, amazing band live as well as on cd!

  2. thanks brotha, such crazy talented band!