Thursday, November 17, 2011

Xexyz- Primeval Mountain (2006)

Primeval Mountain (2006)
Genre- Black Metal/NES 8-bit

This is one of the strangest "black metal" albums in my entire collection, even more bizarre than Evil AKcoustik's 'Chronicles'... Somehow I even managed to score the limited edition reissue somewhere along my cd purchasing travels. Anyway, Xexyz is a one man project from Illinois who takes dreary black metal and mixes it with Nintendo style 8-bit effects creating some sort of bastard hybrid tracks somewhere in between cover and original. Some of it is pretty good, especially when its not as heavy on the 8-bit nonsense. The vocals tend to dwell between harsh rasps and the realm of whiney, swooning drawn out yells, comical at times but still pretty brutal when it needs to be. This is worth checking out only for the very open minded in search of some really, really obscure shit. Enjoy.

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