Monday, September 26, 2011

Evil AKcoustik- Voeux Kill Ass Salt (2010)

Arist: Evil Akcoustik

Album: Voeux Kill Ass Salt

Genre: Speed Grind/Noise

Year: 2010

From: United States

Track Listing:

1. Leather Cheerio

2. Mung Bucket

3. Takes One To Know One

4. Blow Blow Blow Your Goat

5. How Many Fingers?

6. Obnoxious

7. : (colon)

8. Dimly Lit Shit Fit

9. Grundle Aversion

I'm a big fan of innovation and I've never heard anything quite like this before. The entire recording is just a guy with a drum machine making noises into a microphone but my god is it fucking brutal. All the guitars are done vocally, creating a whole new untapped genre of noise/grind...


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