Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catorsion- Demos (2000)

Artist: Catorsion
Album: demo/randoms
Genre: Deathcore
Year: 2000
From: Woodbridge, NJ

Track Listing:

1. Drown In Fear
2. Painful Reprisal
3. Weakened Thoughts (demo)

This is deathcore before deathcore even had a fuckin name kids. Groovy breakdowns, growling vocals, driving bass tones and death metal riffs of the highest caliber, all executed while maintaing a very hardcore vibe and stage presence. These kids used to fuckin shred shows dude. You may know them now as the band Digested Flesh. They've taken on a much more Brutal Death Metal style with recent recordings. Still good, but not the groundbreaking pioneer sound that was Catorsion.

if anyone has any other Catorsion mp3's please contact me

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