Thursday, December 29, 2011

Agiel- Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign (2002)

Dark Pantheons Again Will Reign (2002)
Genre- Brutal Techincal Death Metal/Grindcore

Fuuuck. Man, I can't believe it took me so long to check this album out. And what a bitch it was to track down too! It was all worth it though, this one screams of outright brutality and violence right from the get go. Aggressive, gut churning songs pile on one after the other in an all out attack of beautifully mastered brutal death metal. Dark, evil chants, an absolutely explosive double bass heavy drummer and a signature punishing grinding rhythm that seems to be found over and over again. Check this one out, its a fucking monster.

Silent Death- Before The Sunrise (1993)

Silent Death
Before The Sunrise (1993)
Genre- Death Metal

So, I'm sure by this point the majority of you have already heard the freshly leaked single from Aborted, so there's no reason to repost that for the thousandth time this week. Instead, today I offer you guys some truly obscure and early doomy death metal goodness from Malaysia. These guys originally formed under the name 'Bacteria' (fuck yea) but switched to 'Silent Death' in 1987. This is their first full length, its a 40 minute slab of mid paced death metal fun. The guitars/riffs have a bouncy quality about them and the overall production is pretty crumby but suitable for the material. They get themselves into some great grooves on this album, excellent solos and tons of that old school charm. Before the Sunrise was reissued on CD in 2010 and contains 9 bonus tracks featuring all their demos. You can buy that here.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Impurity- Unearthly Affinity (2003)

Unearthly Affinity (2003)
Genre- Death Metal

My annual wave of cold weather fueled black metal obsession hasn't quite kicked into full gear... yet. Lately I've been dwelling, yet again, into the evil depths of obscure death metal. Florida's Impurity definitely delivers a strong outing on this 5 song EP. The low and evil vocals are extra high in the mix to haunt the listener during this assault. Honestly its a standard death metal riff party here folks, nothing you haven't heard before but it's still damn effective. The drumming is a notch or 2 above average though, and it all works to create for a very heavy sound. Fans of true brutal death metal should get this.

Diabolic Possession- Ripped To Pieces (1993)

Diabolic Possession
Ripped To Pieces (1993)
Genre- Death Metal

Formed in 1987, these guys hailed from Omaha, Nebraska. They played a very brutal style of straightforward death metal. This early work features a raw production, heavy, crunching riffage, face melting solos, solid drumming and vocals that vary from a mid to low range yell/growl with the occasional high shriek. This was some quality deathy goodness from a band who only went on to release one more short, 4 song EP (of which, also included this 'Ripped To Pieces' EP). Check it out if you're a fan of old, grimy, death.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Averse Sefira- Tetragrammatical Astygmata (2005)

Averse Sefira
Tetragrammatical Astygmata (2005)
Genre- Black Metal

This is definitely some way out there, mythical, punishing black metal from Austin, Texas. Averse Sefira mixes a fast and cold, classic style of black metal with a thrashing/death metal edge before dwelling into the more dark and droning, slower paced slabs of atmospheric chaos occasionally. The vocals stay in the mid to high range yells with some reverberating distortion effects. Certain riffs and the overall production remind me a bit of 1349 on this cd, so there's that. This is a really solid hunk of obscure black metal for ya to chew on for about an hour. Fans of 1349, older Behemoth and Myrkskog will enjoy.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

With Blood Comes Cleansing- Golgotha (2006)

With Blood Comes Cleansing
Golgotha (2006)
Genre- Deathcore

I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling mighty lazy tonight. Its been a long week at work and I really dont feel like looking through the wall for something obscure and crazy to post today. So instead, I chose to give in to the first thing that popped up on random in the ITunes. I found out about WBCC in 2006/07 after one of my old bands played a show with them down in Asbury Park. I found it to be a simplistic and very real approach to deathcore, with as much influence on the death as there was the core. They didn't play breakdowns for 25 minutes and there was a lot of quality riffage happening, the vocalist had a great range about him and the songs flowed very well. And so fucking what if they like god and angels and all that shit? If the music is decent thats all that really matters to me. Fans of Winter Solstice and On Broken Wings will appreciate this quickie of an album.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dying Fetus- Bathe In Entrails (1993)

Dying Fetus
Bathe In Entrails (1993)
Genre- Death Metal

Some truly absurdly heavy and genre bending shit for 1993. This is Dying Fetus in their most pure and early form before all the bullshit and controversy that would follow. This demo features John Gallagher on the drums and vocals as well as guitar solos, some very impressive stuff indeed. The sound quality here is pretty damn good and the song writing is nothing but quality brutality and is way ahead of its time. If nothing else, you should check this out just for the demo version of 'Grotesque Impalement' because it fucking destroys. Whatever your current stand is on Dying Fetus, you have got to have respect for this one. This is a very strong 6 songs and the sound portrayed here is still trying to be imitated by new bands.

Embryonic Devourment- Beheaded By Volition (2003)

Embryonic Devourment
Beheaded By Volition (2003)
Genre- Technical Death Metal/Grindcore

This violent little slab of death is the first from these heavy hitting California natives. Tons of production here folks, this is one clean death metal cd. Lots of bass driven riffs, off timing technical mayhem, a sludgy breakdown or 2 and solid drumming with alot of tight, blasting stabs. The vocal style here is dominated by a low guttural sewage gurgle with the occasional mid range burst and high shriek. I could see fans of the early Abacinate stuff getting down with this, its just a little less groovy than them but just as brutal in its own way. I think this is a sick little EP that you should take out for a spin.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cattle Decapitation- Human Jerky (1999)

Cattle Decapitation
Human Jerky (1999)
Genre- Death Metal/Grindcore

One of the first goregrind bands I got really into was Cattle Decapitation. There was something very natural about their sound, especially on this album (ep?). Nothing seems forced here, its generally a very straight forward release. Simple, but always brutal and chunky. Deathy, grinding riffage, a drummer that could keep timing then stop on a dime and blast pretty well and an absolute beasting toilet box of a vocalist. Short songs here, some are a bit experimental at times and all are constantly aggressive. I can remember dwelling on the vocals of Travis Ryan for some time as a kid, pondering about how any human could possibly make these disgusting, vomitous sounds, it was just really fucking awesome to me as an impressionable young vocalist, shit it still is actually. I also found their anti-human, pro animal themes to have a very intelligent edge at times, not that I necessarily agree with them, but I've got to respect it. Say what you will about CattleD, but I think these vegetarians fuckin slay. You decide.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Wehrmacht- Shark Attack (1987)

Shark Attack (1987)
Genre- Thrash

This is some aggressive shit for 1987! The blistering speeds are constant, loads vicious riffs and solos along with all of that early thrash attitude you know you love. This is unrelenting and pioneering beer fueled thrash metal from Portland Oregon that you should really get down on. I'm actually kinda bummed that I only recently heard this shit. Thrash!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Beyond the Sixth Seal- A Homicide Divine (2001)

Beyond the Sixth Seal
A Homicide Divine (2001)
Genre- Melodic Death Metalcore

A very unique blend of melodic death metal and metalcore with hints at numerous other genres around as well. This one features Adam Wentworth of Premonitions of War and The Red Chord, which is cool. This is a straight blend of melo death and metalcore done very right, they even have a bit of black metal/folk influence about them at times, which is also cool. These tracks have a lot of depth and substance. You guys should give this a shot.

Sorry, 2 posts in a row with no YouTube vid =/

Thursday, December 15, 2011

End of All- Infanticide (2001)

End of All
Infanticide (2001)
Genre- Death Metal/Deathcore

Talk about some really rare shit, I think the original pressing of this (7inch?) was limited to something like 100 copies. Pretty cool when you're talking about a band that went on to become the mighty All Shall Perish (same basic line up here as on "Hate, Malice, Revenge" by the way). This EP/demo contains 3 raw ass "studio" tracks and 2 live songs and it's nearly impossible to track down now a days. Luckily I was an active member of back in like 2000/01 so I've got you guys covered hahaha. This is a much more simplistic and straightforward death metal/deathcore approach than the before mentioned "Hate, Malice, Revenge" album which was definitely more sparkly and technical. This is still a fun listen for fans of really raw early deathcore/death metal, enjoy.

If you like this shit you should check out Catorsion

Bloodbath- Breeding Death (2000)

Breeding Death (2000)
Genre- Death Metal

A homage to punishing old school death metal in the form of a Swedish death super group. This is the first release from Bloodbath featuring Mikael Akerfeldt, Anders Nystrom, Jonas Renske and Dan Swano. This 3 song assault will please the most picky of death metal purists and any newcomers alike. This, as with most of their discography, is great stuff.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chthonic- Seediq Bale (2005)

Seediq Bale (2005)
Genre- Melodic Blackened Death Metal

I first found out about Chthonic in 2009 when they dropped the mind blowing 'Mirror of Retribution' on the world of metal. Since then I've been slowly working my way through their entire discography and have been very pleased with the journey thus far. I'm a huge fan of originality and innovation in music, and their use of the Erhu, a traditional Taiwanese instrument stringed instrument, is just fucking incredible. The instrument sounds like a haunting female voice and it lends a very atmospheric and almost theatrical touch to the powerful and dark melo-death/black anthems that rip through this album, their fourth full length. I know the keys and female backings wont be for everyone but I promise you this band is worthy of your time. I bet the live show is sick.

Cryptic Slaughter- Stream Of Consciousness (1988)

Cryptic Slaughter
Stream of Consciousness (1988)
Genre- Thrash/Metal/Punk

Not necessarily my favorite Cryptic Slaughter album but I was in the mood all day and this was the first one I grabbed. Love the tripped out cover art on this album. The music is well, raw. A very poor production here but thats just part of its charm. Loads of driving bass grooves and slightly distorted and very angry vocals. A constant head bobber. Thrash on.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Epoch of Unlight- Within The Night (1995)

Epoch of Unlight
Within The Night... (1995)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

I couldn't find much information about this album online at all. Epoch of Unlight have been playing melodic death/black metal in Tennessee since 1993, I got into them in 2005 when they released 'The Continuum Hypothesis' and somewhere along the road I picked up this very rare self released EP. Just straight forward blackened death metal here, raw sound with lots of galloping melodic riffage, bass driven grooves, blast beats and harsh black metal vocals. Its a short 4 song EP and very worth the 20 minutes.

Purulent Spermcanal- We Pity We Didn't Kill You All (2000)

Purulent Spermcanal
We Pity We Didnt' Kill You All (2000)
Genre- Death Metal/ Goregrind

I'm just digging through my wall of cds today and this one caught my eye. Definitely one of my favorite, filthy Czech death/grind albums. This shit takes me back, as it was one of the first goregrind albums I had heard growing up. Lots of Impetigo worship going on, fast, super chunky riffs, chaotic drumming, gut wrenching samples and loads of grindy shrieks and gurgles in the vocal department. Its really whacked out shit, and you definitely feel more dirty after listening. I've always disliked the cover art for some reason, and its too bad because their other albums have some really awesome artwork. You should check it out.

Settle the Score- s/t (2000)

Settle the Score (2000)
Genre- Hardcore

So I've been in the mood for some hardcore shit since I woke up. I'll save another dusty NJ Bloodline or One 4 One post for a rainy day. Today I share with you a classic hardcore album from Germany circa 2000. I found out about these guys after NJ Bloodline toured with them in Europe. I even managed to score an actual copy of this EP a few years back, but this is not my upload or my link, sorry. This is pretty good stuff, very straight forward HC, think early Sworn Enemy meets Terror's better stuff. Dig?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Resurrecting Judas- Vast Realms Of Chaos Incarnate (2011)

Resurrecting Judas
Vast Realms Of Chaos Incarnate (2011)
Genre- Technical Deathcore

This is a young tech deathy band out of California. Insane speed, tons of solid technical riffage done Cryptopsy style, and some audible bass, hurrah. My one complaint is the mid range core-ish influence in the vocals that becomes very repetitive and searing after a few songs. Maybe its just me, maybe its just in the mix, who knows. Either way, I have a feeling that these guys may just become one of the genre's elite forces.
This is definitely one worth checking out for yourselves.

Homicide- Total Decay (2007)

Total Decay (2007)
Genre- Grindcore/Death Metal

So this showed up in my inbox yesterday, these guys are from Santa Catarina Brazil and they play a very straight forward style of grinding death metal. These short and very aggressive blasts have been recorded since 2007 but were never properly released. They sure wont win any awards for the most original band name, artwork or album title, but Homicide delivers a solid dose of chaotic deathgrinding madness that is worth checking out.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nebulous- Into Infinite Spectrums (2011)

Into Infinite Spectrums (2011)
Genre- Technical Death Metal

This EP has been kicking my ass all day. Relentless, speed induced song structures that never quit and enough lightning fast guitar work to keep your head spinning. I'm definitely digging the space theme thats running through a lot of these new bands too. Check this one out then show them some love at their Bandcamp page, they deserve it.

Oscillator- Experiment XIII (2011)

Experiment XIII
Genre- Technical Deathcore

Thick and grimy technical deathcore smothered with loads of noodling guitar wizardy, robots, bree brees, chaotic breakdowns and abstract experimental tendencies. A solid listen, creative, spacey and thought inducing for sure. This is one to definitely check out for fans of deathcore with some real substance.

Friday, December 9, 2011

December Aeternalis- I Slept With Glass In My Mouth (2002)

December Aeternalis
I Slept With Glass In My Mouth (2002)
Genre- Chaotic Death Metalcore

I finally tracked down a real copy of this extremely rare gem, I also paid more for this MCD than I normally would but oh well, I'm a happy guy. These 2 songs were recorded shortly after the 'Embrace the Angel' sessions and was released on Red Dawn Records. December AE is probably one of my favorite bands of all time, and I'm happy to be sharing this rarity with you guys. If anyone knows how to score a physical or mp3 copy of their rare 2007 EP 'The Grafton Avenue Project' please let me know! Oh and no YouTube link this time, sorry.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hemdale- Rad Jackson (2002)

Rad Jackson Compilation (2002)
Genre- Death Grind

Some of my favorite gore flavored death grind. Ohio's Hemdale were around from '94 to '97 and only released a handful of splits and demos. They got screwed around with by a few record labels and finally in 2002 Relapse Records issued this classic compilation. This is a must for any fan of the death/grind genre. This is non stop gory fun.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nocturnal Breed- Aggressor (1997)

Nocturnal Breed
Aggressor (1997)
Genre- Blackened Thrash

Norwegian blackened thrash metal? Yes please. This is really awesome stuff, a very dark and purely neck breaking black/thrash fusion album. You should also know that these guys are still creating some really crushing music! Their last album to date was 2007's 'Fields of Rot' and it kicked my ass for sure. Oh, and they use strippers in their live shows. Excellent.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dissonance In Design- Neurotransmitting An Epiphany (2011)

Dissonance In Design
Neurotransmitting An Epiphany (2011)
Genre- Progressive Technical Death Metalcore

Shit. These kids are an all out 3 man wrecking crew. Excellent songwriting and execution. Constant but fluid genre hopping throughout the entire album with influences ranging from melodic tech death done Decrepit Birth style to straight metalcore with some serious thrash worship. Its really pretty awesome stuff. My only minor complaint is the production/mix, other than that since you've ended up at this blog, I highly recommend you check this one out.

(thanks to Josh @ DuckCore)

Necroblaspheme- Destination: Nulle Part (2008)

Destination: Nulle Part (2008)
Genre- Death Metal/Blackened

A very cool, original sound from France. Influences of death, black and core with subtle hints at some folky bits throughout. Definitely some experimental stuff I was turned on to by my dude Shitty at Vomit Sounds. Love the cover art concept as well. Check it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Exit 13- Green Is Good! (1990)

Exit 13
Green Is Good
Genre- Grind/Other

Some heavy, out there shit from Cali circa 1990. Fast and aggressive, grinding blast parts resurrect slower paced spirals of stoned, out of body, mud riffs constantly throughout the entire album. Did I say stoned? Ok good. Its all extremely experimental stuff, when they want to rip your face off, they do. When they decide to play a pretty part, they succeed in that as well. When they want to put the 'Wonder Dog' or 'Jeopardy' theme song in a song, shit, even that works for them. Different vocal effects appear on and off during the entire album and no 2 songs sound even remotely alike. Exit-13 touches on a ton of styles and does them all pretty well, worth a listen for any experimental/grind fan. Respect.

Rudimentary Peni- Death Church (1983)

Rudimentary Peni
Death Church (1983)
Genre- Death Rock/Punk/Black Metal?

Rudimentary Peni is a British scum punk/ "death rock" band formed in 1980. Death Church is their first full length album contains a very dark atmosphere and defiant themes both musically and lyrically. Call me crazy but I almost hear some pre-black metal vibes going on here. I dunno its pretty damn evil and it's my blog so I'll post what I want ;) Check it out.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Abysmal Gates- Divine Deception (2004)

Abysmal Gates
Divine Deception (2004)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

This is a cool one. A dark, ominous sound with a grimy production and some symphonic/keys bullshit thrown in for good measure. I know its hard for any metal band from New Jersey to not throw at least a little hint of 'core' influence into their sound and Abysmal Gates are no exception, no matter how evil and epic they pretend to be. The EP is littered with lots of strange audio samples too which is neat. Also, I'm pretty sure these guys have ties to Abazagorath, which is tight, this here is definitely a winded, dusty and obscure piece of slightly melodic blackened death metal. Enjoy.

Warbringer- War Without End (2008)

War Without End (2008)
Genre- Thrash

So over the last few days I've found myself listening not to hours of dirty, old school death and black metal but to albums lost in my collection that I haven't given much love to, see yesterday's post about Christian Muezner's technical, progressive genius. I'm still kicking myself for not listening to that album when it came out back in April. Anyway, it somehow brings me to Cali's Warbringer and their debut 'War Without End'. It was a solid thrash album with decent grooves, riffs and vocals, nothing above and beyond but not nearly as bad as the Toxik Society cd I tried listening to yesterday. My biggest complaint is the lack of audible bass guitar which is, in my opinion, the backbone to any great thrash band, none the less fans of the genre will get down on this one for sure, and to Warbringer's defense, their 2011 release 'Worlds Torn Asunder' was much better.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christian Muenzner- Timewarp (2011)

Christian Muenzner
Timewarp (2011)
Genre- Instrumental Progressive Metal

This is some impressive shit right here. Epic, wonderfully constructed and flowing songs that transport the listener through many distant realms and wormholes via guitar wizardry and blastbeats. Think Obscura/Necrophagist meets Dream Theater and Children of Bodom, load up your bong and enjoy this journey into outer space through Christian Muenzner's eyes.

In The Midst Of Lions- Shadows (2011)

In The Midst Of Lions
Shadows (2011)
Genre- Technical Deathcore

This was a fun listen, these guys seem to have more substance than your average deathcore band. Lots of thick breakdowns here! Matched with progressive, hypnotic guitar solos and loads of tough guy sounding bullshit, nothing earth shattering but I'm liking it.

God Forbid- Out Of Misery (1998)

God Forbid
Out Of Misery (1998)
Genre- Metalcore/Death Metal

God Forbid's debut and by far their most experimental release. Every song takes on a new style and a life of its own within this classic EP. Even the live songs are sick, this was one of the few EP/Live releases I was able to listen to repeatedly as a kid. The live portion of this one mostly features songs from their follow up 'Reject The Sickness' and a Sepultura cover. This is some brutal shit from a now defunct NJ scene. Very essential stuff.

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