Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chthonic- Seediq Bale (2005)

Seediq Bale (2005)
Genre- Melodic Blackened Death Metal

I first found out about Chthonic in 2009 when they dropped the mind blowing 'Mirror of Retribution' on the world of metal. Since then I've been slowly working my way through their entire discography and have been very pleased with the journey thus far. I'm a huge fan of originality and innovation in music, and their use of the Erhu, a traditional Taiwanese instrument stringed instrument, is just fucking incredible. The instrument sounds like a haunting female voice and it lends a very atmospheric and almost theatrical touch to the powerful and dark melo-death/black anthems that rip through this album, their fourth full length. I know the keys and female backings wont be for everyone but I promise you this band is worthy of your time. I bet the live show is sick.

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