Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Purulent Spermcanal- We Pity We Didn't Kill You All (2000)

Purulent Spermcanal
We Pity We Didnt' Kill You All (2000)
Genre- Death Metal/ Goregrind

I'm just digging through my wall of cds today and this one caught my eye. Definitely one of my favorite, filthy Czech death/grind albums. This shit takes me back, as it was one of the first goregrind albums I had heard growing up. Lots of Impetigo worship going on, fast, super chunky riffs, chaotic drumming, gut wrenching samples and loads of grindy shrieks and gurgles in the vocal department. Its really whacked out shit, and you definitely feel more dirty after listening. I've always disliked the cover art for some reason, and its too bad because their other albums have some really awesome artwork. You should check it out.

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