Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Dying Fetus- Bathe In Entrails (1993)

Dying Fetus
Bathe In Entrails (1993)
Genre- Death Metal

Some truly absurdly heavy and genre bending shit for 1993. This is Dying Fetus in their most pure and early form before all the bullshit and controversy that would follow. This demo features John Gallagher on the drums and vocals as well as guitar solos, some very impressive stuff indeed. The sound quality here is pretty damn good and the song writing is nothing but quality brutality and is way ahead of its time. If nothing else, you should check this out just for the demo version of 'Grotesque Impalement' because it fucking destroys. Whatever your current stand is on Dying Fetus, you have got to have respect for this one. This is a very strong 6 songs and the sound portrayed here is still trying to be imitated by new bands.

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