Friday, December 2, 2011

Warbringer- War Without End (2008)

War Without End (2008)
Genre- Thrash

So over the last few days I've found myself listening not to hours of dirty, old school death and black metal but to albums lost in my collection that I haven't given much love to, see yesterday's post about Christian Muezner's technical, progressive genius. I'm still kicking myself for not listening to that album when it came out back in April. Anyway, it somehow brings me to Cali's Warbringer and their debut 'War Without End'. It was a solid thrash album with decent grooves, riffs and vocals, nothing above and beyond but not nearly as bad as the Toxik Society cd I tried listening to yesterday. My biggest complaint is the lack of audible bass guitar which is, in my opinion, the backbone to any great thrash band, none the less fans of the genre will get down on this one for sure, and to Warbringer's defense, their 2011 release 'Worlds Torn Asunder' was much better.

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