Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cattle Decapitation- Human Jerky (1999)

Cattle Decapitation
Human Jerky (1999)
Genre- Death Metal/Grindcore

One of the first goregrind bands I got really into was Cattle Decapitation. There was something very natural about their sound, especially on this album (ep?). Nothing seems forced here, its generally a very straight forward release. Simple, but always brutal and chunky. Deathy, grinding riffage, a drummer that could keep timing then stop on a dime and blast pretty well and an absolute beasting toilet box of a vocalist. Short songs here, some are a bit experimental at times and all are constantly aggressive. I can remember dwelling on the vocals of Travis Ryan for some time as a kid, pondering about how any human could possibly make these disgusting, vomitous sounds, it was just really fucking awesome to me as an impressionable young vocalist, shit it still is actually. I also found their anti-human, pro animal themes to have a very intelligent edge at times, not that I necessarily agree with them, but I've got to respect it. Say what you will about CattleD, but I think these vegetarians fuckin slay. You decide.

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