Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nocturnal Breed- Aggressor (1997)

Nocturnal Breed
Aggressor (1997)
Genre- Blackened Thrash

Norwegian blackened thrash metal? Yes please. This is really awesome stuff, a very dark and purely neck breaking black/thrash fusion album. You should also know that these guys are still creating some really crushing music! Their last album to date was 2007's 'Fields of Rot' and it kicked my ass for sure. Oh, and they use strippers in their live shows. Excellent.


  1. Great debut album,perhaps my fave one of them.
    The last 'Fields of Rot' didn't catch my ear that much.
    I love the Kris Verwimp artwork,very similar to the Old man's child 1998 album.
    This is a definitive must have for all Black/Thrash fans.

  2. 'Fields of Rot' was definitely much more thrash, almost no black influence, but I found it a good listen none the less. And yes the artwork is killer!