Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Forced- Accursed Share (2012)

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Title: Accursed Share
Release Date: June, 2012

Track Listing:
1. Accursed Share
2. At Empire's End
3. Lost Life
4. Devours Everything 
5. Partitioning the Sensible

"Our sound can be described as a riff heavy doom-laden blend of black metal and really fucking pissed off hardcore, with a tendency from time to time to drop tempo into slower paced death metal.  We hail from Brooklyn NY and all grew up in and around the NYHC scene playing in bands and going to shows.  While our sound is as metal as it comes, we carry our selves like the hardcore bands we grew up digging, that is DIY and pissed as fuck!  FFO:  craft, converge, hooded menace, vastum, mamothgrinder, deathwish bands, etc"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Munk's Top 66(6) of 2012, Part 4, 29-1 (been super lazy edition)

Here we are about to wrap up the first full month of 2013 and my fat ass is still dwelling in the past choking on every one else's grimy blogging dust. Alright, no news flash! I'm a lazy piece of shit, but if JGD can get back into the swing of things I guess I could at least give my much shittier blog the good old didn't-make-it-though-2-weeks-of-college try. Its quite sad because I really thought I had my shit together there for a minute. Before I can even pretend to begin posting new shit I felt obligated to finish the massive undertaking I set out on about a month ago. Note to self, don't ever try to compile a list of your 66 favorite albums for this (or any) blog ever again. Here is the 'lazy edition' of the second half of my Top 66(6) of 2012 list. This, by the way, is the final nail in 2012's coffin. This is me dotting the i's and crossing the inverted t's on what was the most shitty year ov my puny life. Personal life, handcuffs and all the other whiney bullshit aside, 2012 was an absolutely amazing year for music, fuck what you say. If I had the patience and time this list could have easily been twice as long and I still wouldnt have mentioned every good album that was spun in my pathetic one bedroom dumpster of an apartment during the last year. Comment this list if you'd like but honestly I dont give a fuck if you didn't think Kentucky was the shit... I may have spun 'The Chills' in its entirety much more than I did 'Kentucky' but honestly I listened to 'Bodies Under The Falls' like a professional fucking mad man.. Far too many times for me to count honestly during the last half of the past year and that was reason enough for me to give it the top spot. More vomits soon, hopefully... 

1. Panopticon- Kentucky
Genre- Atmospheric Folk Black Metal

2. Horrendous- The Chills
Genre- Death Metal

3. Indesinence- Vessels of Light and Decay
Genre- Doom/Death

4. Mutilation Rites- Devoid/I Am Legion
Genre- Blackened 

5. Enabler- All Hail The Void
Genre- Hardcore/Thrash

6. Troglodyte- Don't Go In To The Woods
Genre- Death Metal

7. Drawn and Quartered- Feeding Hells Furnace
Genre- Death Metal

8. Cannibal Corpse- Torture 
Genre- Death Metal

9. Necrovation
Genre- Death Metal

10. Horrizon- Time For Revenge
Genre- Epic Death Metal

11. Angel Witch- As Above So Below
Genre- Heavy Metal

12. Maveth- Coils of the Black Earth
Genre- Blackened Death

13. Homewrecker- Worms and Dirt
Genre- Hardcore

14. Necroven- Worship of Humiliation 
Genre- Death Metal

15. Evoken- Atra Mors
Genre- Doom/Death

16. Entrapment- The Obscurity Within
Genre- Death Metal

17. Cattle Decapitation- Monolith of Inhumanity 
Genre- Tech Death/Grind

18. Putrevore- Macabre Kingdom
Genre- Death/Grind

19. Kalopsia
Genre- Death Metal

20. Murder Construct- Results
Genre- Death/Grind

21. Wodensthrone- Curse
Genre- Folk Black Metal

22. Unleashed- Odalheim
Genre- Death Metal

23. Deathspell Omega- Drought 
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

24. Binah- Hallucinating In Resurecture 
Genre- Death Metal/Doom

25. Krallice- Years Past Matter
Genre- Atmospheric Black Metal

26. Serpentine Path
Genre- Death Metal/Doom

27. Skogen- Eld
Genre- Folk Black Metal

28. Ragnarok- Malediction 
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

29. Dying Fetus- Reign Supreme 
Genre- Tech Brutal Death Metal

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Munk's Top 66(6) of 2012, Part 3, 39-30

30. Agalloch- Faustian Echoes  
Release Date- June 26th 2012
Genre- Atmospheric Folk/Black Metal
From- Oregon, USA
Label- Dammerung Arts

31. Rings of Saturn- Dingir 
Release Date- October 28th 2012
Genre- Technical Death Metal
From- CA, USA
Label- Unique Leader Records

32. Urlog- Vernichtung
Release Date- February 2012
Genre- Black Metal
From- Germany
Label- Sturmglanz Black Metal Manufaktur

33. Windfaerer- Solar
Release Date- July 10th 2012
Genre- Black Metal
From- NJ, USA
Label- none

34. Agruss- Morok 
Release Date- April 26th 2012
Genre- Black/Death Metal
From- Ukraine 
Label- Code666 Records

35. Sepulcral- Anthropophagy of Doom
Release Date- April 2012
Genre- Death/Doom
From- Italy 
Label- Razorback Records

36. Somrak- The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned  
Release Date- ??? 2012
Genre- Black Metal
From- Slovenia 
Label- Necroterror Records

37. Winterfylleth- The Threnody of Triumph 
Release Date- Sept 10th 2012
Genre- Folk/Black Metal
From- Manchester, UK
Label- Candlelight Records

38. Asphyx- Deathhammer
Release Date- Feb 27th 2012
Genre- Death/Doom
From- Netherlands
Label- Century Media

39. Cryptopsy- Cryptopsy 
Release Date- Sept 11th 2012
Genre- Technical Death Metal
From- Canada
Label- Century Media