Thursday, December 13, 2012

Munk's Top 66(6) of 2012, Part 2, 49-40

40. Ataraxy- Revelations of the Ethereal 
Release Date- Sept 26th 2012
Genre- Death Metal/Doom
From- Spain
Label- Memento Mori

41. Malignancy- Eugenics  
Release Date- Oct 9th 2012
Genre- Technical Death Metal
From- NY, USA
Label- Willowtip

42. Disastrous- Severe Suffering
Release Date- March 2012
Genre- Brutal Death Metal
From- Philippines 
Label- Brute! Productions

43. Putrid Pile- Blood Fetish
Release Date- May 24th 2012
Genre- Brutal Death Metal
From- WI, USA
Label- Sevared Records

44. General Surgery- Like An Ever Flying Limb
Release Date- Nov 6th 2012
Genre- Death/Grindcore
From- Sweden
Label- Relapse Records

45. Ignivomous- Contragenesis 
Release Date- March 31st 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- Australia 
Label- Nuclear War Now!

46. Father Befouled- Revulsion of Seraphic Grace 
Release Date- June 30th 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- Georgia, USA
Label- Dark Descent 

47. Ectovoid- Fractured In The Timeless Abyss
Release Date- May 25th 2012
Genre- Blackened Death
From- Alabama, USA
Label- Hellthrasher Productions 

48. Shadows Fall- Fire From The Sky 
Release Date- May 15th 2012
Genre- Metalcore
Label- Razor & Tie

49. Ash Borer- Cold of Ages 
Release Date- Aug 14th 2012
Genre- Atmospheric Black Metal
From- CA, USA
Label- Profound Lore

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Munk's Top 66(6) of 2012, part 1, 66-50

So here is part 1 of my massive 'best of 2012' list. No bullshit, I've listened to probably about 200-300 albums released in 2012 so far and narrowed it down to only 66 for you guys. I know this blog has been bringing the suck pretty much all of this year and I hope that this, and the following 5 posts make up for that dramatically. As this list progresses I will elaborate more on why exactly the album has made such an impression with me this year. As with any year end list there are plenty of albums that I havent yet gotten to and plenty of albums that I didn't find worthy of my top 66, please feel free to comment with your vomitous opinions below.

And oh yea sorry, but there are no download links here folks, in the hopes that most of you have already bought at least a few of these killer records. And if not, c'mon, I'm sure you can find an active link out there somewhere ;)

50. Vimana- The Collapse 
Release Date- July 1st 2012
Genre- Technical Death/Grind
From- USA
Label- none

51. Pseudogod- Deathwomb Catechesis 
Release Date- April 24th 2012
Genre- Blackened Death Metal
From- Russia
Label- Kvlt/Hells Headbangers 

52. Burzum- Umskiptar
Release Date- May 21st 2012
Genre- Ambient Black Metal
From- Norway
Label- Byelobog Productions 

53. Candlemass- Psalms For The Dead
Release Date- June 8th 2012
Genre- Epic Doom Metal
From- Sweden 
Label- Napalm Records

54. Grave- Endless Procession of Souls
Release Date- Aug 27th 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- Sweden 
Label- Century Media

55. Hammer of Gore- Uglified 
Release Date- Unknown, 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- Germany
Label- none

56. Ysengrin- To Enotaton 
Release Date- June 26th 2012
Genre- Experimental Doom/Death/Black/Other
From- France
Label- I, Voidhanger Records

57. Chaos Inception- The Abrogation 
Release Date- June 5th 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- Alabama, USA
Label- Lavadome Productions 

58. Incantation- Vanquish in Vengeance 
Release Date- Nov 26th 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- PA, USA
Label- Listenable Records

59. Inanimacy- Transcending Existence 
Release Date- Sept 8th 2012
Genre- Tech Death Metal
From- Australia 
Label- none

60. Allegaeon- Formshifter 
Release Date- May 8th 2012
Genre- Tech Melodic Death
From- CO, USA
Label- Metal Blade

61. Spawn of Possession- Incurso 
Release Date- March 13th 2012
Genre- Tech Death Metal 
From- Sweden 
Label- Relapse Records 

62. The Faceless- Autotheism 
Release Date- Aug 14th 2012
Genre- Progressive Death Metal
From- CA, USA
Label- Sumerian Records 

63. Ophidian I- Solvet Saeclum
Release Date- June 15th 2012
Genre- Tech Death Metal
From- Iceland
Label- Soulflesh Collector Records

64. Deserted Fear- My Empire
Release Date- Sept 28th 2012
Genre- Death Metal 
From- Germany
Label- F.D.A Rekotz

65. Fuck I'm Dead- Another Gory Mess
Release Date- Oct 13th 2012
Genre- Death/Grindcore
From- Australia  
Label- Unknown 

66. King of Asgard- ...To North
Release Date- July 31st 2012
Genre- Melodic Viking/Folk Metal
From- Sweden 
Label- Metal Blade