Thursday, December 13, 2012

Munk's Top 66(6) of 2012, Part 2, 49-40

40. Ataraxy- Revelations of the Ethereal 
Release Date- Sept 26th 2012
Genre- Death Metal/Doom
From- Spain
Label- Memento Mori

41. Malignancy- Eugenics  
Release Date- Oct 9th 2012
Genre- Technical Death Metal
From- NY, USA
Label- Willowtip

42. Disastrous- Severe Suffering
Release Date- March 2012
Genre- Brutal Death Metal
From- Philippines 
Label- Brute! Productions

43. Putrid Pile- Blood Fetish
Release Date- May 24th 2012
Genre- Brutal Death Metal
From- WI, USA
Label- Sevared Records

44. General Surgery- Like An Ever Flying Limb
Release Date- Nov 6th 2012
Genre- Death/Grindcore
From- Sweden
Label- Relapse Records

45. Ignivomous- Contragenesis 
Release Date- March 31st 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- Australia 
Label- Nuclear War Now!

46. Father Befouled- Revulsion of Seraphic Grace 
Release Date- June 30th 2012
Genre- Death Metal
From- Georgia, USA
Label- Dark Descent 

47. Ectovoid- Fractured In The Timeless Abyss
Release Date- May 25th 2012
Genre- Blackened Death
From- Alabama, USA
Label- Hellthrasher Productions 

48. Shadows Fall- Fire From The Sky 
Release Date- May 15th 2012
Genre- Metalcore
Label- Razor & Tie

49. Ash Borer- Cold of Ages 
Release Date- Aug 14th 2012
Genre- Atmospheric Black Metal
From- CA, USA
Label- Profound Lore

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