Monday, January 30, 2012

Gates of Ishtar- A Bloodred Path (1996)

Gates of Ishtar
A Bloodred Path (1996)
Genre- Melodic Blackened Death Metal

So, I was going to post the new Abominable Putridity album but I figured shit, if you wanted to check it out you would have gone ahead and done so already. But so you know, the album fucking kills and you should definitely go check it out, then buy it at the end of Febuary. Anyway, Gates of Ishtar is from Sweden and sound nothing like Abominable Putridity. This album 'Bloodred Path' is their debut and its packed with outstanding song writing and delivers a constant head bob to the listener. Elements of death metal, black metal and classic heavy metal come together very nicely here. Check this out, especially fans of Ragnarok.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Malicious Hate- Bring Forth Hate (1995)

Malicious Hate
Bring Forth Hate (1995)
Genre- Death Metal/Grindcore

This is a god damn blastfest. Bring the bong dude.

thanks to Olivier @ DeathMetalEternal for the hook up

Vimanas- Demo (2012)

4 song demo (2012)
Genre- Death Metal, Grindcore

Not much info here, the first 3 tracks technically make up this demo with song 4 being an unfinished bonus track from 2011. Overall a very dark and chaotic sound, I've listened through it a few times already and I've really come to enjoy this unique lo-fi breed of death metal. Feedback is encouraged as this is a band request.

Gorey Gibbler- The Grindfeld Discography

Gorey Gibbler
The Grindfeld Discography
Genre- Sein-Grind

originally posted 12/27/11
I have been watching a lot of Seinfeld recently. Shocker. Gorey Gibbler was a one man grindcore band dedicated completely to Seinfeld. Genius. I knew it was only a matter of time before I posted this nonsense for ya. This guy was a fuckin riff machine, lots of fast, creative and driving riffage here. Blistering fast drum machine action, the vocals are few and far between and are highly distorted. GG relied more audio clips, fans of the show will absolutely love the samples and subject matter here. This download is actually an anthology of all the Gorey Gibbler recordings; 'The Griendfeld Chronicles' 'Sein-Grind vs Swine-Grind' and 'The Shape of Sein-Grind To Come'. Enjoy this whacky shit.

(updated link, with the actual discography this time...)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Symbolik- Pathogenesis (2012)

Pathogenesis (2012)
Genre- Melodic Technical Death Metal

Fuck! This is a free release? 2012 is going to fucking rule. Amazing technical death metal with loads of melodic movements. And my god, what beautiful cover art. Absolutely everyone should download this one, check it out and support these guys!

Writhing- Indomitable (2012)

Indomitable (2012)
Genre- Death Metal

Excellent techy death metal from Detroit with a full on thrashy backbone and slightly blackened edges. This 3 song EP is available for only $2.50 through their CDBaby page. make sure to download and support these guys!

Xenocide- Galactic Oppression (2012)

Galactic Oppression (2012)
Genre- Technical Death Metal

Tight as fuck progressive, technical death metal from Canada. Dont mind the shitty band name, logo and cliche album cover, I promise this release delivers. Check it out for yourself then head over to their facebook page and 'like' these dudes.

Horrendous- Sweet Blasphemies (2009)

Sweet Blasphemies (2009)
Genre- Death Metal

A exciting, well produced demo from one of my favorite new bands, Horrendous. The explosiveness of their song writing should be noticed right away, these guys are pushing modern death metal while still keeping a very open old school edge. The 'Sweet Blasphemies' demo was limited to 200 red cassettes and a small CD-R release sold though the bands website before signing to Dark Descent records. Make sure to check that amazing label out as well as pick up their new full length 'The Chills' by following this link.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Daemon Project (2011 Re-Reissue)

The Daemon Project (2011)
((Re-Reissue w/full artwork))
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

originally posted on 11/13/11

The Daemon Project is a 2 man blackened death metal project based half in the United States and half in South Africa with all work being transfered back and forth over the internet. This link now has a high quality mp3 of 'Excrement of an Angel'. This track originally appeared on the EP in very low quality. Now hear all 4 tracks the way they were supposed to sound.

Update: Both members of The Daemon Project are now living in the United States. Hopefully more music will follow this news. The band has been on a 4 year hiatus.

Unearth- Malformed Cranium (1994)

Malformed Cranium (1994)
Genre- Death Metal

Down boy, this isn't the tired old metalcore act by the same name. This is brutal old school New York meets Floridian style death metal from the early 90's, hailing from New Mexico. This demo is full of bass heavy grooves and an evil atmosphere, low swooning vocals and very doomy solos. A fun 5 song for fans of buzzing, old school death metal.

link thanks to Death Metal Eternal

Incarnis- Castigation (1992)

Castigation (1992)
Genre- Death Metal

A solid demo offering from this obscure group of old school Virginia death metallers. Lots of groovy speed heavy thrash elements coupled with an experimental death metal overtone and blackened edges. Man, its too bad Incarnis never released a full length, I'm really digging on this shit right now.. Enjoy.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Arkaik - Skingraft Hieroglyphics [Pre-Production] (2012)

Skingraft Hieroglyphics (Pre-Pro demo)(2012)
Genre- Techy Deathcore

Good stuff here, they've definitely matured a little bit and have taken on a more spacey sound with a bit more depth in the songwriting. Not bad, I look forward to more.

link thanks to Deathmetalinsanity

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Mayans were right! It's the end of the world (wide web)

Hey guys, I'm going to keep it short.

As I'm sure most of you know, MegaUpload is now gone, and Mediafire has undergone a serious purge as of today although I dont believe everything is gone... yet..

However, I am going to keep this blog going. Part protest, part crazy, all stubborn.

You can help me (and other bloggers) by continuing to visit and voice your opinions as well as any other ideas and suggestions you may have.

For now, if you come across a dead link for an album on this blog that you absolutely cannot live without please comment the blog post with your email information. I will do my best to get you the mp3's you crave, within reason...

Roger Klotz- Ignorance Eternal (2009)

Roger Klotz
Ignorance Eternal (2009)
Genre- Hardcore/Metalcore

What is it with New Jersey and bands named after 90's TV characters? Hack Morris and Danny Tanner are the 2 that come directly to mind. This is not another bullshit joke album though, I promise you, this one is full of well recorded riffage, excellent drumming and lyrics focused around the stupidity of a certain strain of pop culture. To my knowledge this 6 song EP is the only recording ever released. Unfortunately the band Roger Klotz was only around for about a year, luckily I had the chance to catch them at a VFW, great shit. If you like intense floor clearing breakdowns, high energy old school hardcore circle pits and fucking hate the Jersey Shore than this is an absolute must download.

Wolvhammer- The Obsidian Plains (2011)

The Obsidian Plains (2011)
Genre- Death/Black/Doom

A unique blend of blackened death metal and sludge with hints of death & roll and thrash that absolutely hits the mark hard. This 7 song full length from these US experimental metallers will crush the listener many times from beginning to end.

Gronibard- Gronibard (2001)

Gronibard (2001)
Genre- Grindcore/Death Metal, Comedy

Absurd death/grind from France. I actually scored a copy of this rare album recently which is always cool. Most of the samples/clean vocals are in French but oh well, the music is tight if you like a simplistic gorefest with loads of ridiculousness and comic relief.

Disma- The Manifestation (2011)

The Manifestation (2011)
Genre- Death Metal

Crushing death metal from New Jersey. Stomping paced, down tmayhem and thunderous buzzing triggers a violent crunching guitar sound straight from the dripping crypts of your own worst nightmares. And of course lets not forget the vocals, as they're some of the most monstrous you'll hear, I'll promise you that. This was originally released as a 7in in June of 2011, just before the unleashing of the almighty 'Towards the Megalith' in July. I suggest you download this EP and then buy that full length here.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Recap Of The First 200 Posts

Man, this blog is growing at a great pace, and I'm very happy to have a few followers already, as well as a steady flow of people contributing and commenting on the posts, keep it coming. Just in case you're new to The Guttural Munk here's a quick recap through 20 gems that you may have overlooked during the first 200 posts...

in alphabetical order...

cold black metal from New Jersey

technical death metal/metalcore

lo-fi grinding thrash/deathcore

old school death metal/hardcore

insane drum and bass grind from Finland

inhuman old school import death metal

the best black metal album you've never heard

deathgrind done without a guitar, a must hear

beautiful folk infused black metal

shredding death grind

obscure Czech grind, one of my personal favorites

probably one of my favorite releases of last year

good old New Jersey hardcore

genre bending madness from Belarus

melodic metalcore perfection

even more obscure metalcore

destructive technical death metal

extremely well done technical deathcore

best black metal album of all time?

atmospheric black metal from the US

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Torturerama- Left As Remains (2010)

Left As Remains (2010)
Genre- Death Metal/Thrash

A thrashy dosage of horror inspired, old school flavored death metal from Belgium.
Contains a full day's supply of buzzing, lo-fi death metal goodness.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bloodymess- The Gatekeeper (2007)

The Gatekeeper (2007)
Genre- Experimental Deathcore

Shameless self promotion alert, but I completely forgot that this song even existed. My buddy Sean and I recorded this song during the summer of 2007 in my apartment. He laid down a bunch of guitar tracks and it was my job to cut them up and try to make it all sound like something good, then add some quick programmed drums and my vocals. I kind of quit and settled half way... there's no bass drum haha and actually there's no bass guitar either but I still really like the way it came out, sure the recording/mix job was shitty and rushed, but I think it was a pretty solid track for one days work.

Ceremonial Oath- The Lost Name Of God (1992)

Ceremonial Oath
The Lost Name of God (1992)
Genre- Death Metal

Kind of an early death metal supergroup line up for this quickie 2 song EP. This one features Oscar Dronjak from Hammerfall, Anders Iwers from Tiamat, Desecrator and In Flames (briefly) as well as Jesper Stromblad, founding member of In Flames. This sounds nothing like In Flames, early or new, just be forewarned and/or relieved. This is a much more dark sounding breed of old school Swedish death metal. Very fluid and aggressive songs here, excellent guitar work, constant winds of barking mid-low range vocals and superb drumming. The weird slower paced spoken word piece that breaks the second track sounds pretty evil. These are 2 crushing songs that hold some serious weight even by todays standards. Absolutely worth the 10 minutes and free download.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Gadrel- To Cherish A Falsity (2002)

Gadrel/Glass Casket
To Cherish A Falsity (2002)
Genre- Deathcore/Metalcore

Here ya go, a buddy of mine had requested that I post some Glass Casket up here on the Munk. I decided to do him one better and found the band that would eventually turn into Glass Casket after the release of this 2002 demo. They were called Gadrel and they kicked some serious ass. This 5 song assault touches mainly on the deathy/metalcore bases while still hinting at some of the technical/experimental edge that they were known for after the name change. This is heavy heavy and loaded with lots of sick breakdowns and weedly-weedly guitar work. Its one very cool and often overlooked piece of brutal metalcore. Too bad there was no album cover or even a logo for this release... either way, enjoy.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shyshit- Plug & Play (2012)

Plug & Play (2012)
Genre- Comedy/Grindcore/Other

One of my favorite grindcore bands of all fucking time are finally back with a brand new dose of boundary pushing mayhem. Its not all dick banter, shit tossing and hilarious 'odes to farts' here.. well kind of. Somehow these 2 guys execute and maintain a disturbing level of overall audio substance that is extremely unforgettable. Dont believe me? Just go explore their YouTube Channel for a few minutes, you'll understand very quickly what you're in store for. Plug & Play is 65 insane tracks and artwork all for only 6 bucks on their bandcamp page. This shit will make you laugh, I promise, that is unless you have any feelings or morals of any kind, then you'll probably just want to vomit repeatedly. Fuck yea, I've heard it, and its fucking awesome, this is one you've got to go and buy for yourselves. Check out their first 2 albums while you're at it, also available here.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Abhoth- The Tide (1992)

The Tide (1992)
Genre- Death Metal

Dreary and hypnotic Swedish death metal from the early 90's.

Loma Prieta- I.V. (2012)

Loma Prieta
I.V. (2012)
Genre- Chaotic Hardcore/Grindcore

An absolutely stunning display of organized and highly melodic chaos. This release is pure energy and god damn is it infectious. Sorry but it's only been released as a 12" vinyl so far, lucky for you the download is only 6 bucks @ the Deathwish EStore. Make sure to support these guys if you like what you hear.

Imposer- Divine Intolerance (2010)

Divine Intolerance (2010)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

Very aggressive blackened death metal from Italy. This short and haunting 4 song is the bands most recent release and contains 2 evil originals and 2 cover songs. I hear influence of Immolation, Behemoth and Krisiun on the heavy. Worth a listen.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Arkaik- Existential Chaos (2007)

Existential Chaos
Genre- Technical Death Metalcore

Dont let the goofy band name/logo and boring album cover fool you, this is an above average technical death metal release from a band hailing from California. They seem to touch on alot of core influence pretty often, most especially in the vocal department. Impressive drumming, solid song writing and a constant blitz of gut wrenching song structure. This is absolutely an band/album worth checking out.

Unconsecrated- Slave To The Grave (2010)

Slave To The Grave (2010)
Genre- Death Metal

This is fucking awesome stuff. Insanely fuzzy, yet clean and well produced, throw back death metal styled brutality. Solos and thunderous riffage dive-bombing overhead between bursts of old school chugology, and some of the most rich, mid ranged frog throating gutturals I've heard recently. Unreal. This is an absolute must download and support.

Candiria- Deep In The Mental (1995)

Deep In The Mental (1995)
Genre- Death Metal/Grindcore/Jazz/Jam/Other

I think I may have more respect for Candiria than I do for pretty much 90% of the other bands that I listen to. Ok, so that may be a bit of a stretch but still, without these guys I dont think I'd be as into the obscure metal scene as I am. I swear I was raised on the street driven, attitude plenty, atmospheric, abstract assault that is Candiria's early recordings. These guys were never given a solid chance by most, go ahead, try to find a Metal Archives page for them. Not metal enough? Ha! These guys fired on all "metal" cylinders constantly, from death metalling growls to swift hardcore flavored beatdowns to melodic jazz infused bass driving chaos to grindcore influenced blasts. Just take a listen, for first timers I can guarantee a future download of another album. For those more experienced with the band already, you should know that this is their first demo and it contains a few tracks that went on to be re-recorded for 'Process of Self Development'. I'll be sure to share that gem with you all soon, in the mean time check out this post as well as... er um, well, this post.

Begrime Exemious- Set Ablaze The Kingdom of Abraham (2009)

Begrime Exemious
Set Ablaze The Kingdom of Abraham (2009)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

Here is more sickeningly dark blackened death metal from Canada. I just heard of these guys recently and I'm very glad I did. This EP is a well produced slab of dirty death metal with blackened overtones. They seem to be delivering a very steady stream of new releases and shit too which is always a plus. 'Set Ablaze The Kingdom of Abraham' touches on lots of distorted and buzzed genres besides the expected death metal fare, from old school thrashing deathgrind to slow and agonizing doom. Begrime Exemios aim to haunt and will absolutely hold the listener by the throat for 20 minutes. If nothing else, download to check out their awesome cover of Autopsy's 'Ridden With Disease'.

free download @ bandcamp

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obscura- The Flesh and the Power It Holds (Death Cover)

Illegimitation (2012)
The Flesh And The Power It Holds (Death Cover)
Genre- Technical Melodic Death Metal

Obscura is primed and ready to drop another release on the metal world already, only this time it comes in the form of a compilation containing demos from 2003/2006 as well as unreleased tracks from the 'Omnivium' sessions in 2011. Man, that Christian Muenzner is one busy dude. This is the first thing they've leaked so far from those 2011 tracks. Here we have a pretty sweet cover of a great Death song from their 1998 album 'The Sound of Perseverance'. The track quality is only 256kbs for now, if I can find a better one at some point before the album drops, I'll try to update the post. Enjoy this shit, and please guys, buy this album when it comes out. Actually, make it a point to buy a lot of CDs this year if you can. Some of these bands really deserve it.

NEW cd's I've purchased so far in 2012

Aborted- Global Flatline (pre)
Abigail Williams- Becoming (pre)
Antediluvian- Through The Cervix of Hawaah
Autopsy- Severed Survival
Autopsy- Mental Funeral
Autopsy- Macabre Eternal
Decrepit Birth- Polarity
Deicide- Deicide
Disma- Towards the Megalith

Dissect- Swallowing Swouming Mass (1993)

Swallowing Swouming Mass (1993)
Genre- Death Metal

Here's some low/mid paced old school death metal from the Netherlands. Lots of bouncing riffs, walking pace chug-a-longs with low, vomitous vocals, crunchy, lead heavy guitar work and a pretty solid drummer for the genre. Its really nothing too life changing but shit man, if you haven't heard it before, then why stay that way?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Magnus- I Was Watching My Death (1991)

I Was Watching My Death (1991)
Genre- Thrash/Death Metal

Early and obscure thrashing death metal from Poland.

In The Midst Of Lions- Out of Darkness (2009)

In The Midst Of Lions
Out Of Darkness (2009)
Genre- Technical Melodic Deathcore

I got really souped about this band, In The Midst of Lions, after hearing their 3rd album, 2011's 'Shadows'. That release was an ultra thick, technical melodic deathcore gem. So I picked up their first album the other day and was not let down at all. This is deathcore with some real substance for sure folks. Lots of intense breakdowns and techy guitar noodling. Sure it runs together and becomes a little repetitive after a while but this is a short, energy packed, pit ensuing beast that is well worth the download.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Prosanctus Inferi- Red Streams Of Flesh (2011)

Prosanctus Inferi
Red Streams Of Flesh (2011)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

If you liked my post about the mighty Antediluvian then you should really be able to appreciate this little slab of filthy death metal, I cant put it down. Disgusting production, horrific vocals that dwell through fat, dripping tunnels of raw torturous sound and blasting chaos. Its actually pretty hard to describe how awesome it really is. Gotta give them a shot.

Torture Krypt- Rotted Remnants (1995)

Torture Krypt
Rotted Remnants (1995)
Genre- Death Metal

Rotted Remnants is a gore bath and a pure death metal attack from these New Jersey natives. This is some very brutal and festering shit, kind of in the vein of early Cryptopsy, but no where near as technical. Very throaty, vile, low vocals howl violent hymns of death and violence atop punishing guitar walls of standard death metal fare. The drumming and bass guitar work is well above average and both deserve to be recognized as so. Fucking sick cover art too, just wish I could find a more sharp image to really get into the detail there. This is definitely sick shit, you all should blast this.

Nomicon- Tri Angle (1991)

Tri-Angle (1991)
Genre- Technical Death Metal/Chaotic/Thrash

Fuck! This is some absolutely amazing and relatively unknown stuff from Finland circa 1991. So much energy comes across here! The lead guitarist is on some other shit and goes about making his own rules for alot of this release. From jazzed up groovy death metal influenced punching to absurd thrashing shouts and twists this is some really impressive stuff for the time. Pure chaos in song structure my friends. This godly 10 minute 3 track chunk is sure to leave a bruise on even the most seasoned obscure metal worshipping veteran.

Exesion- Promise Waste and Rot (2007)

Promise Waste And Rot (2007)
Genre- Thrashing Death Metalcore

Sometimes bargain bins do hold the occasional hidden gems. The last trip to my favorite record store yielded this blistering 7 song digi from Indiana's Exesion. Dont let the abstract cover art and shitty album title fool you. These are fast, well produced songs, with above average and slightly technical riffage, solid drumming and a beasty, well ranged, vocalist. This shit has a ton of potential but unfortunately it looks like this is the bands only release, even though the metallum has them listed as still 'active'. This is worth checking out for those in need of a death fueled thrashing spin kick from out of fucking nowhere.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Antediluvian- Revelations in Excrement (2011)

Revelations in Excrement (2011)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

Sorry its been a while between posts, my internet connection has been shitty at best and I've spent a lot of time being drunk since the beginning of the new year. Been listening to a shit load of new music though, one band I cant stop listening to lately is Antediluvian, their dark, unshowered breed of death metal is very unique, atmospheric and haunting. Low drowned vocals squeeze between thick walls of oozing death metal guitars and a grimy production. This 3 song teaser was released as a 45 rpm early last year about 10 months before they dropped the mammoth 'Through The Cervix of Hawaah' in November. Go grab the hand sanitizer because this shit will leave a pretty nasty stain on the listener.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Querion- Impious Domination (2002)

Impious Domination (2002)
Genre- Death Metal

Fast and driving death metal from Brazil. Tons of fancy finger work from the bass player here, which is always fun. A sloppy production overall, a bit fuzzy but very brutal. The songs tend to go on for a while and, much like their homeland brethren in Krisiun, the songs tend to go nowhere. Still a fun listen for fans of guitar solo wizardry and crushing groove.