Monday, January 16, 2012

Gadrel- To Cherish A Falsity (2002)

Gadrel/Glass Casket
To Cherish A Falsity (2002)
Genre- Deathcore/Metalcore

Here ya go, a buddy of mine had requested that I post some Glass Casket up here on the Munk. I decided to do him one better and found the band that would eventually turn into Glass Casket after the release of this 2002 demo. They were called Gadrel and they kicked some serious ass. This 5 song assault touches mainly on the deathy/metalcore bases while still hinting at some of the technical/experimental edge that they were known for after the name change. This is heavy heavy and loaded with lots of sick breakdowns and weedly-weedly guitar work. Its one very cool and often overlooked piece of brutal metalcore. Too bad there was no album cover or even a logo for this release... either way, enjoy.

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