Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Arkaik- Existential Chaos (2007)

Existential Chaos
Genre- Technical Death Metalcore

Dont let the goofy band name/logo and boring album cover fool you, this is an above average technical death metal release from a band hailing from California. They seem to touch on alot of core influence pretty often, most especially in the vocal department. Impressive drumming, solid song writing and a constant blitz of gut wrenching song structure. This is absolutely an band/album worth checking out.


  1. I love this band munk! Have you got a physical copy of this? I really want to get my greedy little paws on one!

  2. i do not, these guys were a recent discovery for me actually. a quick amazon/ebay search yields nothing. the 'label' that Metal Archives has listed for these guys has only released one other album so i'm assuming the number of copies was relatively small. may turn up in a used bin though ;)

  3. Bummer, looks like eBay for me then munk, no chance of this gem turning up in the UK :(

  4. i'll keep my eyes open stateside, stranger things have happened ;)

  5. Safe, thanks a lot!