Thursday, January 5, 2012

Antediluvian- Revelations in Excrement (2011)

Revelations in Excrement (2011)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

Sorry its been a while between posts, my internet connection has been shitty at best and I've spent a lot of time being drunk since the beginning of the new year. Been listening to a shit load of new music though, one band I cant stop listening to lately is Antediluvian, their dark, unshowered breed of death metal is very unique, atmospheric and haunting. Low drowned vocals squeeze between thick walls of oozing death metal guitars and a grimy production. This 3 song teaser was released as a 45 rpm early last year about 10 months before they dropped the mammoth 'Through The Cervix of Hawaah' in November. Go grab the hand sanitizer because this shit will leave a pretty nasty stain on the listener.


  1. Shizit is filthy! Come on munk, how about some more obscure core?!

  2. dude isn't it just sick? ah i fuckin love it. Gotta give me some more to work with bro, what have you liked that i've posted before? December Aeternalis, Agiel, Beyond the Sixth Seal, In The Midst of Lions, The Holy Guile? Let me know!

  3. It's unreal, impossible to believe it's human actually. Damn, all your posts are gold, thanks to you, I finally tracked down the December Aeternalis CD. Anyway, more core (any kind), I'd be curious to see what you hit up and some more proggy stuff, how's that?

    Keep this up, this is one of my fave blogs! Way better than my one from back in the day!

  4. You got it friend. You keep with the reading and comments, I'll keep with the posting. I'll try to barf up a couple more core gems for ya within the next few days.


  5. Legend munk! I see there are 4 sumptuous new posts to gorge on! Ta!