Monday, January 23, 2012

Roger Klotz- Ignorance Eternal (2009)

Roger Klotz
Ignorance Eternal (2009)
Genre- Hardcore/Metalcore

What is it with New Jersey and bands named after 90's TV characters? Hack Morris and Danny Tanner are the 2 that come directly to mind. This is not another bullshit joke album though, I promise you, this one is full of well recorded riffage, excellent drumming and lyrics focused around the stupidity of a certain strain of pop culture. To my knowledge this 6 song EP is the only recording ever released. Unfortunately the band Roger Klotz was only around for about a year, luckily I had the chance to catch them at a VFW, great shit. If you like intense floor clearing breakdowns, high energy old school hardcore circle pits and fucking hate the Jersey Shore than this is an absolute must download.

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