Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gorey Gibbler- The Grindfeld Discography

Gorey Gibbler
The Grindfeld Discography
Genre- Sein-Grind

originally posted 12/27/11
I have been watching a lot of Seinfeld recently. Shocker. Gorey Gibbler was a one man grindcore band dedicated completely to Seinfeld. Genius. I knew it was only a matter of time before I posted this nonsense for ya. This guy was a fuckin riff machine, lots of fast, creative and driving riffage here. Blistering fast drum machine action, the vocals are few and far between and are highly distorted. GG relied more audio clips, fans of the show will absolutely love the samples and subject matter here. This download is actually an anthology of all the Gorey Gibbler recordings; 'The Griendfeld Chronicles' 'Sein-Grind vs Swine-Grind' and 'The Shape of Sein-Grind To Come'. Enjoy this whacky shit.

(updated link, with the actual discography this time...)

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