Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ceremonial Oath- The Lost Name Of God (1992)

Ceremonial Oath
The Lost Name of God (1992)
Genre- Death Metal

Kind of an early death metal supergroup line up for this quickie 2 song EP. This one features Oscar Dronjak from Hammerfall, Anders Iwers from Tiamat, Desecrator and In Flames (briefly) as well as Jesper Stromblad, founding member of In Flames. This sounds nothing like In Flames, early or new, just be forewarned and/or relieved. This is a much more dark sounding breed of old school Swedish death metal. Very fluid and aggressive songs here, excellent guitar work, constant winds of barking mid-low range vocals and superb drumming. The weird slower paced spoken word piece that breaks the second track sounds pretty evil. These are 2 crushing songs that hold some serious weight even by todays standards. Absolutely worth the 10 minutes and free download.

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