Monday, January 2, 2012

Querion- Impious Domination (2002)

Impious Domination (2002)
Genre- Death Metal

Fast and driving death metal from Brazil. Tons of fancy finger work from the bass player here, which is always fun. A sloppy production overall, a bit fuzzy but very brutal. The songs tend to go on for a while and, much like their homeland brethren in Krisiun, the songs tend to go nowhere. Still a fun listen for fans of guitar solo wizardry and crushing groove.


  1. Many bands came after Krisiun breakthrough to the world of extreme metal in the early 2000 like Ancestral Malediction,Ophiolatry,Abhorrence and Rebaelliun among other.
    I personally love their style and of course production is a problem here in South American Hell but the feeling was there.
    Unfortunately today Brazillian bands have lost this particular sound and lost their identity.

  2. the feeling was definitely there, this was a very crushing album that really grew on me during my second listen.