Monday, January 30, 2012

Gates of Ishtar- A Bloodred Path (1996)

Gates of Ishtar
A Bloodred Path (1996)
Genre- Melodic Blackened Death Metal

So, I was going to post the new Abominable Putridity album but I figured shit, if you wanted to check it out you would have gone ahead and done so already. But so you know, the album fucking kills and you should definitely go check it out, then buy it at the end of Febuary. Anyway, Gates of Ishtar is from Sweden and sound nothing like Abominable Putridity. This album 'Bloodred Path' is their debut and its packed with outstanding song writing and delivers a constant head bob to the listener. Elements of death metal, black metal and classic heavy metal come together very nicely here. Check this out, especially fans of Ragnarok.


  1. Love this album.
    Good old days of Swedish Melodic Death/Black Metal when bands added the exact dose of melody to the music without compromising agression.
    Strongly recommended for fans of Unanimated,Dissection and Naglfar.
    Greets mate