Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Autopsy- Ridden With Disease (2000)

Ridden With Disease (1987/1988)
Genre- Death Metal

I've been listening to so much fucking Autopsy recently. I recently picked up this hard to come by Necroharmonic release to round out the first half of my collection. This here is a compilation of the bands first 2 demos, the 1987 demo and 1988's 'Critical Madness' as well as 2 superb live tracks from 1990. Everything sounds great, fans of the first 2 full lengths (Severed Survival and Mental Funeral) will feel waves of nostalgia throughout these 9 songs when experiencing early versions of a few staple tracks. As you may know, Autopsy is probably one of the best death metal bands ever, and actually they're STILL fucking shit up, with a killer new release as recently as last year. If you're new to the band, definitely check out one of the before mentioned full lengths and then check these demos out. As for current fans, maybe you've just looked over this release by accident.. I'll let it slide this time. Fans should also know that Autopsy is issuing a monster compilation at the end of this month entitled 'All Tomorrow's Funerals' and it will feature ALL of the bands EP's and rarities.

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