Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mouth of the Architect- The Violence Beneath (2010)

Mouth of the Architect
The Violence Beneath (2010)
Genre- Technical Progressive Sludgecore

A highly melodic and emotional EP from Ohio's, Mouth of the Architect. I originally purchased this album, fresh from the used bin, solely based on the cover art alone. Previously unaware of the band, I was pleased to find that the material inside was just as intricate, deep and enjoyable. Get ready to be lost in a few long songs that will entrance the mind and scramble your thoughts.. but, fear not, you're sure to snap out of your trip about mid way through the last track, when you begin to curiously sing along. Thinking you're drifting deeper still into your own internal insanity, you then suddenly realize... "oh shit, they've covered a god damn Peter Gabriel song". Anyway, The Violence Beneath is packed with impressive song writing and production, varied vocal styles, folk tendencies and shit tons of encasing atmosphere. Get on this one and support these guys when possible.