Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Winter Sampler

Here's something fun I threw together for Angry Chairs last week. I figured it would only be appropriate to post it here as well. 17 tracks to throw on the IPod, hopefully you'll find a few new bands to check out, mostly all of which are already available right here.

Enjoy, and please leave some feedback!


  1. Sick mix Munk and sick artwork! How about another one with some core mixed in, yes, it's 'that,' guy :)

  2. what up there 'that' guy. did you catch the last couple of core albums I posted? Roger Klotz, Hell Brigade, Xenocide, the new Arkaik single...

    I'll get to work on another comp soon

  3. Yo! I have been indeed! Loved the Hell Brigade post, what's up with NJ Bloodline these days?

  4. awesome. not sure actually, its been a while since I've seen any of those guys