Saturday, February 18, 2012

It Came From The Cove Part 2 - Intake

The Insurgence (2001)
Genre- Nu Metalcore

So as you know in the very late 90's the "nu metal" genre was so far beyond shit soaked with poser rapping mainstream bullshit that it became all but completely unlistenable. By anyone. As an unfortunate result, the entire field of bands associated with that horrific term had been gifted a terrible rash of reputation through the ranks of the true metalheads. The entire collapse of the 'scene' was especially unfortunate for bands like New Jersey's Intake who in 2000/2001 had a very strong local following and yet zero label attention. It also may have been that they had a much more core influenced sound and well... didn't fucking rap. They showed hints of Pantera mixed with Alice In Chains and a kind of melodic hardcore vibe with the occasional clean vocal. Either way, these kids used to constantly pack The Cove, and Intake nights were always a good time.

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