Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adamantium- From The Depths of Depression (1998)

From The Depths of Depression (1998)
Genre- Chaotic Metalcore

So pretend its 1999 again for a minute, pull up your JNCO's and take all your old Converge, A Life Once Lost, Overcast and Poison the Well cds and toss them into a giant blender. The end result is this lost gem. A melodic, high chaos, high energy 'back in the day era' core album that totally doesnt suck. I've still got love for this kind of shit and you should too.


  1. Now we're talking. Love this band, absolutely fawned over 'when it rains,' back in 2000/2001. How about At Peace While Burning or Wrench? Also, check out this amazing UK band called Above All, bit more chug and less tech but were incredible. Sadly only did one album (on Roadrunner!), a 7 inch and a flexi disc :( Also, now you know who I am! Haha

  2. honestly i'm 0/3 on At Peace While Burning, Wrench and Above All. I'll check them all out soon.

    by the way, is this 'that guy'?

  3. Got in one my good man! Also I forgot to mention a couple of other things this morning. You ever hear the first Cannae album before they got cleaned up? That was crazy, as was early Caliban, the from 98 to 2002 they were one of the kings of metallic hardcore in Europe!

    1. I do like early Caliban!

      the oldest Cannae album I have is 'Troubleshooting Death'

  4. And I thought of some more on the way back home tonight.

    State Craft

  5. haha you nailed it. JNCO's. Thanks for the upload.