Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Begrime Exemious- Set Ablaze The Kingdom of Abraham (2009)

Begrime Exemious
Set Ablaze The Kingdom of Abraham (2009)
Genre- Blackened Death Metal

Here is more sickeningly dark blackened death metal from Canada. I just heard of these guys recently and I'm very glad I did. This EP is a well produced slab of dirty death metal with blackened overtones. They seem to be delivering a very steady stream of new releases and shit too which is always a plus. 'Set Ablaze The Kingdom of Abraham' touches on lots of distorted and buzzed genres besides the expected death metal fare, from old school thrashing deathgrind to slow and agonizing doom. Begrime Exemios aim to haunt and will absolutely hold the listener by the throat for 20 minutes. If nothing else, download to check out their awesome cover of Autopsy's 'Ridden With Disease'.

free download @ bandcamp

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