Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Candiria- Deep In The Mental (1995)

Deep In The Mental (1995)
Genre- Death Metal/Grindcore/Jazz/Jam/Other

I think I may have more respect for Candiria than I do for pretty much 90% of the other bands that I listen to. Ok, so that may be a bit of a stretch but still, without these guys I dont think I'd be as into the obscure metal scene as I am. I swear I was raised on the street driven, attitude plenty, atmospheric, abstract assault that is Candiria's early recordings. These guys were never given a solid chance by most, go ahead, try to find a Metal Archives page for them. Not metal enough? Ha! These guys fired on all "metal" cylinders constantly, from death metalling growls to swift hardcore flavored beatdowns to melodic jazz infused bass driving chaos to grindcore influenced blasts. Just take a listen, for first timers I can guarantee a future download of another album. For those more experienced with the band already, you should know that this is their first demo and it contains a few tracks that went on to be re-recorded for 'Process of Self Development'. I'll be sure to share that gem with you all soon, in the mean time check out this post as well as... er um, well, this post.


  1. Band is sick Munk. Can't believe I saw them in front of 20 people in the UK, a horrendous crime against humanity that was.