Saturday, January 14, 2012

Shyshit- Plug & Play (2012)

Plug & Play (2012)
Genre- Comedy/Grindcore/Other

One of my favorite grindcore bands of all fucking time are finally back with a brand new dose of boundary pushing mayhem. Its not all dick banter, shit tossing and hilarious 'odes to farts' here.. well kind of. Somehow these 2 guys execute and maintain a disturbing level of overall audio substance that is extremely unforgettable. Dont believe me? Just go explore their YouTube Channel for a few minutes, you'll understand very quickly what you're in store for. Plug & Play is 65 insane tracks and artwork all for only 6 bucks on their bandcamp page. This shit will make you laugh, I promise, that is unless you have any feelings or morals of any kind, then you'll probably just want to vomit repeatedly. Fuck yea, I've heard it, and its fucking awesome, this is one you've got to go and buy for yourselves. Check out their first 2 albums while you're at it, also available here.