Thursday, December 29, 2011

Silent Death- Before The Sunrise (1993)

Silent Death
Before The Sunrise (1993)
Genre- Death Metal

So, I'm sure by this point the majority of you have already heard the freshly leaked single from Aborted, so there's no reason to repost that for the thousandth time this week. Instead, today I offer you guys some truly obscure and early doomy death metal goodness from Malaysia. These guys originally formed under the name 'Bacteria' (fuck yea) but switched to 'Silent Death' in 1987. This is their first full length, its a 40 minute slab of mid paced death metal fun. The guitars/riffs have a bouncy quality about them and the overall production is pretty crumby but suitable for the material. They get themselves into some great grooves on this album, excellent solos and tons of that old school charm. Before the Sunrise was reissued on CD in 2010 and contains 9 bonus tracks featuring all their demos. You can buy that here.

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