Sunday, October 16, 2011

Premonitions of War- The True Face Of Panic (2002)

-Premonitions of War
-The True Face Of Panic (2002)
Genre- Deathcore/Chaotic Hardcore

1. The True Face Of Panic
2. Correspondences
3. Best Day Ever
4. Abomination
5. Hanging Man
6. A Minor Correction
7. I'd Settle For Sleep

So I was up at 6am for inventory this morning and now I'm fucking tired. Safe to say my ears and my IPod got a serious workout today. This is some seriously underrated brutality right here. Simple, balls heavy stomp shit from the early 00's with lots of groove and chaos built in. This EP was reissued in 2005 with the 'Glorified Dirt' EP included. Some good stuff there as well but there's something really special about TTFOP. What you are downloading is a rip from the 2002 Goodfellow Records edition. Yea, my link... 'sup.

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