Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm on vacation... part 1

So... I'm on vacation for a week. Time away from the store and its bullshit is much needed before the holiday rush. And sure retail just plain fucking sucks, but everyone knows that, at least I'm pushing booze. Anyway, I left work today with 4 bottles of wine, I consider it all homework. Its all about knowledge, knowledge about a subject is important whether you're talking about beer or black metal. Which brings me to my reason for posting.. During my vacation I am going to try to listen to as many albums as I possibly can and record my thoughts here, in turn attempting to educate, whoever the fuck is reading this, about a few bands that you may never have otherwise checked out...

Negură Bunget- Om (2006)
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Thoughts: I like slow depressing black metal, dreary riffs, slow punishing drums, keys, synth, clean vocals the whole nine yards, I really do. This album nearly crossed the line of being too abstract, too atmospheric, too soft for me at first. The first 2 songs take up about 16 minutes of your time and nothing happens great, cant wait to continue right? Yes, fuck yes actually. The album comes together quite nice with the apex, and my favorite track being track 6. The deeper the album spins loads more ominous and melodic folk influence is shown and less synths and bullshit. 73/100.

100 Demons- In The Eyes of the Lord (2000)
Genre: Hardcore/Metalcore/Beat Down
Thoughts: The energy of early metalcore is a special force that many bands have tried to mimic but never master. 100 Demons are the perfect example of this sound, raw crunchy guitars constantly thrashing out beat down riffs and power chords. Punk/Hardcore style drums, no blast beats here guys, lots of gallops and circle pit parts all about the album. Powerful group vocals at just the right times and lead vocals that arent quite too hardcore nor death metal in influence. This is just one of those great hardcore cds that takes my ears back to the day listening to Shattered Realm, Sworn Enemy, One 4 One, NJ Bloodline and ETown Concrete. 81/100

Abhorer- Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt (1996)
Genre: Black Metal/Death Metal
Thoughts: Abhorer hailed from Singapore, and was considered the first black metal band from Asia. They emerged onto the "scene" in 1989 with a demo followed by a split (w/Necrophile) and an EP (Upheaval of Blasphemy) in 1993. 'Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt' is the only full length recorded by the band. They play a thrashy style of early black metal it the vein of early Slayer, Mythic, Deicide and Carcass. Definitely some raw shit, a very flat production, but sheeit man I fucking love blast beats with that sporadic old school barking vocal style... and I'm a sucker for historical bands, so these guys are awesome. 88/100

The Banner- Posthumous (2003)
Genre: Hardcore/Punkcore
Thoughts: This here is The Banner's first release, great production by the way. Massive, pit inducing breakdowns run wild on this 5 song EP, I actually forgot how heavy these guys could get at times, its been a while I guess. Aggressive, driving and full of energy, walking the line of chaotic hardcore at times. Nothing truly revolutionary here but another solid offering from New Jersey's deep and layered metal/hardcore archive, a fun spin for hardcore/metalcore fans. 80/100

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