Sunday, October 30, 2011

Overcast- Reborn To Kill Again (2008)

Reborn To Kill Again (2008)
Genre: Metalcore

So once again we come back to Overcast, the true pioneers of the metalcore genre. These guys formed in 1991 and have been making impacts all over the metal scene ever since. In case you're still not sure who we're talking about here, this was Brian Fair's (Shadows Fall) first band as well as Mike D'Antonio's (Killswitch Engage) first venture. Overcast also features Pete Cortese formerly of Seemless and Killswitch Engage. So now that we've got the personnel straight...

Reborn To Kill Again was the 'hey we're back' album after all the guys made it big with their new fancy bands. Unfortunately the album hardly got any kind of recognition, on top of the leagues of haters who simply didn't like it because its... well, not the old stuff. Or "Killswitch Engage sucks" so why should I listen to this? In my humble opinion this album fucking kicks ass. Its got everything I'm looking for in a metalcore cd, tons of emotion and melody, fat, interesting, fluid and technical songs with no filler in sight AND big breakdowns all tied in with that classic Boston hardcore attitude and brutality.
Stop reading my vomits now and just download it.

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