Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I'm on vacation... part 4

Arkangel- Is Your Enemy (2008)
Genre: Metalcore
Thoughts: This is the most recent album from Belgium's Arkangel. These guys haven't strayed much from the successful formula that they created beginning with 1998's 'Prayers Upon Deaf Ears'. Fast, aggressive, simplistic yet extremely memorable guitar leads, strong chugs keeping pace and angered, distorted vocals. Combine that winning musical combination with strong social, political and personal views and you've got an amazing hardcore/metalcore band with an absolutely solid discography.

Katatonia- Brave Murder Day (1996)
Genre: Depressing Death Metal
Get It: Download
Thoughts: So last Sunday my friend was telling me about this guy who "loved" Opeth, but showed no respect for Katatonia. I was a bit baffled, poor metal education really tweaks me, but of course thats partially why this blog is here in the first place. Katatonia is a Swedish death metal supergroup in their own right, however through the years they've incorporated many other revered musicians into their releases. Take this album, 'Brave Murder Day' it was the first of 3 Katatonia releases to feature Opeth's own Mike Akerfeldt's harsh vocals. Another band you may have heard of with (basically) the same configuration would be the mighty Bloodbath. Brave New Day is a long 6 songs, slower paced with lots of soft melodic breaks, all completely jam-able. Akerfeldts vocals are undeniably amazing, as always. A fun experimental spin for death metal fans. 83/100

Blotted Science- The Machinations of Dementia (2007)
Genre: Instrumental Technical Death Metal
Thoughts: An absolutely stunning tech-death bomb of an album. The word supergroup doesnt even begin to give Blotted Science the respect that this band deserves. You're hearing Ron J (Watchtower), Charlie Z (Behold the Arctopus) and this guy Alex Webster that you may have heard of before because of his band Cannibal Corpse. Fun instrumentals create a technical transformation of the mind and ears. Really really really smart stuff. Recently, Charlie Z has been replaced by one Hannes Grossmann (Necrophagist, Obscura) on the drums. The new EP 'Animations of Entomology' was released Oct 4 2011 and no I havent heard it. 91/100

Bongripper- Satan Worshipping Doom (2011)
Genre: Doom/Stoner
Thoughts: Slow droney low tones, swooning vocals and lots of weed furied jam parts. For me doom is always fun to throw on and walk away from but still keep within earshot. I like to focus on something else while a good stoner record is on and this definitely was a good stoner record. 4 songs in this order Hail, Satan, Worship, Doom. Yes. Spin this shit and get lit. 90/100

Krallice- Dimensional Bleedthrough (2009)
Genre: Progressive Atmospheric Black Metal/Folk
Thoughts: I give these guys a ton of respect, they carry with them the powerful and mysterious dark aura and the spirit of black metal while still being and maintaing a very honest, artsy, experimental and emotional sound. Abstract thoughts, blackened by chilling, harsh shrieks and random, chaotic forest tromping blast movements. Lots of single string guitar progressions and momentous build ups throughout. Krallice are among the elite leading the way in the current US black metal scene. They sport a solid, and growing, discography and dawn one of the best logos that I've ever seen. 81/100

Agalloch- Ashes Against The Grain (2006)
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal/Folk
Thoughts: Poetic, dreary folk melodies drive this album. The true sense and feeling of a past time are clearly transferred to the listener here. Cold and captivating, yet this album is still something unique from the rest of their stellar catalogue. Very few bands, regardless of style or genre are capable of producing and recording such beauty. If the energy emitting from track 5 doesn't get you hooked then this band is not for you. Do yourself a favor and get lost in this album. 96/100

Animosity- Empires (2005)
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Get It: Download
Thoughts: Mathy, intelligent, chaotic deathcore in the vein of Despised Icon. Assaulting intensity, varied vocals from low gutturals to a mid range metalcore howl. Fun, groovy and fluid, thick chugging guitars and a fast paced, mildly technical drummer. Everything fits into place perfectly for an energetic deathcore release. Definitely for fans of The Faceless, Gorerotted and Cephalic Carnage. Get in on the get down. 91/100

Animosity- Shut It Down (2003)
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Get It: Download
Thoughts: Much faster and even more aggressive than 'Empires'. So much more core influence happening on this album, floor clearing breakdowns and build ups crumble as the m
assive walls of chugs fall in place. Bouts of chaos and grinding blastbeats are settled by catchy leads and time stopping beat down riffs, great song writing formulas/structure. Fuck yea, I wish I'd paid more attention to these guys while they were still out there killing it. Oh well, you should get on it, nows good a time as any. 94/100

Neaera- Omnicide, Creation Unleashed (2009)
Genre: Death Metalcore
Thoughts: A death metal soaked metalcore release from Germany's Neaera. Think Heaven Shall Burn with a touch of The Absence and a hint of At The Gates. Nothing earth shattering but a great headbanger with a couple of memorable moments. 89/100

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