Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wormrot- Noise (2011)

Noise (2011)
Genre: Deathgrind

What's not to love about Singapore's Wormrot? They bring a truly relentless, pure blasting style grindcore, think Nasum meets Exhumed with some Anal Cunt shrieks thrown in for good measure. This is the perfect EP for first timers to sink their teeth into, you'll be hunting down the entire discography in no time, trust me. Also this here is another Scion release... I still need to do more homework on them but what I do know is that this company has put out 2 of the best EP's of 2011 (Immolation- Providence, and this one). In the time its taken you to read this little blurb you could have listened to the entire damn thing already... Get on it!

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