Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cannibal Corpse- Vile (1996)

Cannibal Corpse
Vile (1996)
Genre: Death Metal


Ah the ever dreaded vocalist transition album, in this case Cannibal Corpse parts ways with death metal legend Chris Barnes and welcomes former Monstrostity vocalist George Fisher into the mix. The end result is one of most brutal Floridian death metal albums ever written. The energy of Fisher's vicious roars matched with the newly refound speed and aggressiveness coming off the heals of the (pretty blah) album 'The Bleeding' is perfect. The vocal change needed to happen if Cannibal Corpse wanted to remain the goliath they had built themselves up to be. Aside from moving forward with Six Feet Under, Barnes' vocal performance on the original takes for Vile ('Created To Kill') was prrretty weak. Check em both out for yourselves.


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