Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm on vacation... part 5

Bah, piss, whine, mutter... the Devils got tromped during their home opener last night and god damn it my vacation is over.. Back to the world of bullshit tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed reading my vacation breakdown, I dont think Im quite done with this format yet... comments would be great.

The Makai- The End Of All You Know (2007)
Genre: Blackened Doom Punkcore
Get It: Download
Thoughts: A raw, crusty, grindcore shit house meets well structured, clean and strongly written blackened metalcore
album. Extremely unique stuff, very hard to describe the sound of the elusive 'The Makai'. I only say elusive because I've been trying to hunt down an mp3 of the new one song album 'Embracing the Shroud of a Blackened Sky' to no avail, if you can help me out I'd be much appreciative, the albums release is exclusive to vinyl and I just think thats awesome. I listened to this twice in a day, you should at least try once. 91/100

Hatebreed- Under The Knife EP (1996)
Genre: Hardcore
Get It: Download
Thoughts: A short, fun listen at just under 15 minutes from Hatebreed. This is a 7 song compilation (yes technically a compilation of 7inches and whatnot) from one of the original kings of hardcore is the true old shit, the low-fi, raw ass, beat down shit. Before MTV, before the bullshit, this is the kind of music that makes you stop what you're doing, get pissed and start swinging for no reason, its primal. This is hardcore, they were hardcore. 93/100

As You Drown- Rat King (2011)
Genre: Deathcore
Thoughts: Another tough guy, low tuned deathcore album here in 2011. This wasnt that bad, lots of doomy chug chug chugs, semi-Swedish thrashy riffs, a decent and varied vocalist. But come on, Rat King? Thats the best album title that you guys came up with? I dunno,when it ended I was like... "ok..". Haha Rat King. 72/100

Blotted Science- The Animation of Entomology (2011)
Genre: Instrumental Progressive/Technical Death Metal
Get It: Download (not my link)
Thoughts: Holy shit balls. These guys teamed up with Hannes Grossmann (Necrophagist/Obscura) on drums to create this brick shithouse of an EP. Lightening fast drums, the sheer complexity of the guitar riffs are stunning. I may not have the BEST speakers ya know, but Im kind of bummed that Alex Webster's bass guitar was so low in the mix. I'm also kind of bummed about how short it was, oh well, hopefully a full length with this line up will come with time. This is fucking nuts, I dont care if you're 'not so into instrumentals' fuck you, check this out. Possibly one of 2011's best releases yet.. 94/100

Chimaria- Pass Out Of Existence (2001)
Genre: Metalcore/Nu Metal
Get It: Download
Thoughts: Yea so what, I took a stroll down memory road during my weeks vacation. And I'm kind of glad I did. I was shocked to hear how valid some of these songs still are (Example, Severed, Painting the White to Gray), how aggressive some of the breakdowns and bridges were and how fucking corny the second half of this CD is. Think of this album like a bag of chips, right now its still pretty good its just going stale a little. 83/100

One Dead Three Wounded- Moving Units (2006)
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Thoughts: Honestly when I pulled this one out (at random) I expected to turn it off after 2 songs and not end up writing about it, which has happened more than once on this vacation. I was pretty surprised, I mean shit besides playing a show with this band in like '06, I really dont know shit about them. The album
was generally upbeat, more radio friendly in song structure and production value. Really not my thing but listenable for sure, I spun the whole thing. 78/100

The Browning- Burn This World (2011)
Genre: Deathcore/Electronica
Get It: Download
Thoughts: Well I heard alot of hype around this release, I put it off for a few weeks and finally decided to spin it yesterday. Im not a huge fan of the electronica aspect in my deathcore for example.. Dance Club Massacre, Attack Attack...uh fuck you, no thanks. But I love the band We Came As Romans, so go figure and again, fuck you. But The Browning were pretty good, heavy, thought out songs, the electronica bullshit worked with the flow and never became a chore or out right obnoxious. Worth a spin, definitely not 'the shit' and far from 'shitty'. Ya heard? 85/100

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