Thursday, October 13, 2011

Troglodyte- Welcome To Boggy Creek (2011)

Artist: Troglodyte
Album: Welcome To Boggy Creek
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2011

1. Welcome
2. Symphonies of Sasquatch
3. Piece of You
4. Mummified Yeti Hand
5. Fight for Your Life
6. Caught (On Super 8)
7. Bring Me the Head of Bigfoot
8. Beaten and Eaten
9. Skunk Ape Rape: The Rapture
10. They Walk Among Us
11. Hit by the Hendersons
12. The Only Good Hippie...Is a Dead Hippie
13. Fossil

Well this seems like the perfect album to post this week. In case you didn't know, the media is a blaze with stories about the existence of the Russian Yeti. Scientists on an expedition to the Siberian tundra have announced that they are "95%" sure of the Yeti's existence. Pretty cool stuff. However as a big time Cryptozoology buff, I find these claims to be a bit premature, test the hair samples, build a team and set out on a longer more spread out expedition, and most importantly don't get everyones fucking hopes up until you are "100%" sure. You're going to make the entire field look bad once again if you're wrong. Its bad enough that Tom Biscardi's asinine face and antics will be back on TV soon, he is such fucking joke.

Troglodyte is a band. They make music about Sasquatch. \m/

(thanks TLD)

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