Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm on vacation... part 2

It seems as if I've hit Monday already.. The dreaded day 2.. The worst day of a vacation, besides the last day of course. A day in which you realize your first day of freedom is history, the tomorrow of yesterday has started and that day 3 is already in the immediate future, leaving you ever closer to the end of the euphoric experience that is the always needed, time off from work. I can only try to make the best of it I guess.. Anyway, as for my mission, I am failing miserably. I listened to zero albums yesterday but that doesn't mean it was pissed away, it was an incredible day. Over 8 hours were spent making metal of my own, and a new project was formed in the depths of yet another basement in this town. We are calling it Goresmith, a sound which is familiar and yet strangely unique for fans of early 90's death, thrash and black metal.. with some breakdowns thrown in for good measure. We recorded 11 songs total, pure demos, but I think this new band could have some potential. I'll upload some mp3's when I can..

Azarath- Demon Seed (2001)
Genre: Blackened Death Metal
Thoughts: Hailing from Poland this is the first full length from the mighty Azarath. An evil 30 minute assault of satanic themed, fast paced death metal in the vein of Vader, (later) Behemoth and early Suffocation with lots of haunting chaotic moments. Its not really leaving me with any kind of immediate impression, very good vocals and overall a solid death metal album but nothing earth shattering. Oh and Track 5 is fucking lame but i'll over look that because they have a sweet logo. 79/100

Agalloch- Pale Folklore (1999)
Genre: Black Metal/Folk
Thoughts: The first full length release from the epic black metallers of Agalloch. A mystical folk infused black metal journey. This is where it all started, if you're into the style and
havent checked out Agalloch you're missing out. Getting completely lost in the sheer atmosphere that this band creates is beyond enjoyable. 92/100

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