Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Short Of Breath- Randoms (1999/2000)

Short Of Breath
Random Songs (1999/2000)
Genre: Nu-Metalcore/Deathcore

1. A Better Nothing (Second Wind)
2. A Better Nothing
3. In Effigy
4. Pregnant With Mayhem
5. Sulpher

What can I say? 10+ years ago this band was a monster influence to me and my friends and they helped shape my long standing tastes in music. I wish I could find some sort of complete album or demo, hell maybe these 5 songs ARE some kind of complete release, we may never know. There is little to no info about them online, what I do know is that they were from New York (Buffalo area), they formed in 1999 and disbanded in 2002, guitarist Mike Hatalak is now a member of 'It Dies Today' and drummer Bill Bilson was only 16 at the time of these recordings. I found a cool piece written about them at and here is a make shift Wikipedia rip off page that leaves you asking more questions than delivering any real answers. If anyone has any other info or mp3's please email me


  1. Hi, I just randomly stumbled across this. I'm surprised to find out that Short of Breath was such an influence to you. I'm Josh Strasburg, vocalist of S.O.B. way back when. I've got all the surviving song files, including all 10 tracks from our album "Room to Breathe" as well as some other rarities that you may not have. If you're interested, send me an email at I'm curious: Where are you from and how did you hear Short of Breath in the first place?

  2. email sent... the Munk is beyond excited!