Thursday, October 13, 2011

Immolation- Providence (2011)

Artist: Immolation
Album: Providence EP
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2011

1. What They Bring
2. Illumination
3. Still Lost
4. Providence
5. Swallow the Fear

Ah the most recent stab from New York's Immolation, Providence is a quick 5 songs with one mission in mind... to prove to the cocky and ignorant legion of young death metal fans that Immolation is still an active and massive force to be reckoned with... annd to brutally face fuck them, repeatedly. Im not sure what the relationship is between Immolation and Scion (yea, those cheep boxy cars...) but this EP is boss as shit. Thick ass production, blistering guitar work (as always) and Ross Dolan's unique demonic vocals sound better than ever. Get this shit death metal fans and man, if this is your first ear shot at Immolation, you're really due for a beating.

(not my link, thanks Pasukan Mati)

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