Thursday, October 13, 2011

Havok- Time Is Up (2011)

Artist: Havok
Album: Time Is Up
Genre: Thrash
Year: 2011

1. Prepare for Attack
2. Fatal Intervention
3. No Amnesty
4. D.O.A.
5. Covering Fire
6. Killing Tendencies
7. Scumbag in Disguise
8. The Cleric
9. Out of My Way
10. Time Is Up

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Ugh being back at work this week really fuckin sucks, I mean shit, all I want to do is get paid for sitting at home, listening to great albums and getting stoned. Is that so much to ask?? Speaking of great albums... meet fuckin HAVOK. These kids are nasty with it! Crazy energy, speed and power, solid thrashy riffs that really span the entire spectrum from early Bay Area shit to the mid 90's East Coast scene (you can really tell these guys loved Anthrax growing up...) Check this one out, this is going to do more than hold you over until the new Municipal Waste drops late next year.

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