Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm on vacation... part 3

The Black Dahlia Murder- Demo (2002)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Get it here: Download
Thoughts: And here I was, proclaiming myself as a true Black Dahlia fan, always thinking that the demo that got them noticed by Metal Blade was 'What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse' and if not that then surely 'A Cold Blooded Epitaph' is what caught Brian Slagel's ears, no? Wrong. It was this demo right fucking here, how did I miss this?? 3 amazing songs, all of which appear on the first full length 'Unhallowed'. The song 'Of Darkness Spawned' was renamed 'Contagion' for the album. 95/100

Defiled- In Crisis (2011)
Genre: Death Metal
Thoughts: Heres the new album from Japan's, 'Defiled'. A blasting beat down of bass heavy death metal. Emphasis on the bass, big time, very clicky at times, lots of smooth groovy low tones and constantly driving. A sound similar to early Malevolent Creation, Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, not quite techdeath and not straight brutal death, but a nice blend. Overall, it didnt grip me for too long, it sounds winded to me. 71/100

Pyrexia- Sermon of Mockery (1993)
Genre: Death Metal
Thoughts: A sadly underrated band, Pyrexia's 'Sermon of Mockery' is a brutal death explosion. Raw production, strange and early grooves that would now easily classify as deathcore and relentless technical waves and time structures that would effortlessly group them with some of the early technical death metal bands. I first found out about them when I heard the 'Christ Denied' version of "The Uncreation", and still to this day its my favorite Pyrexia song. Fans of early Dying Fetus and Cryptopsy should eat this up. An often overlooked and classic death metal album. 90/100

Usurper- Diabolosis (1995)
Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Thoughts: I love the effect of this albums art work, so dark and simple yet ominous and sinister. I figured some of that same
energy would transfer to the music and I was correct, a dark sludgy black metal piece with plenty of explosive death metal moments as well as an erie crusty Darkthrone like punk edge. A definite air of experimentation is transmitted, no 2 songs sound alike, and radical changes of pace from track to track keeps the listeners interest. Fun fact, this band started out as 'The Dead Youth' who knows maybe I'll spin 'Writhing' soon... 82/100

Die Atlantic- It Was All A Dream (2011)
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Get It Here: Download
Thoughts: A beautiful melodic meltdown, the guitar work and overall song writing on display here is awesome. The album just has a magical sound and tempo that makes the head nod uncontrollably. Excellent, emotion packed songs, in the vein of Into the Moat, Darkest Hour, The Human Abstract and We Came As Romans. Unfortunately, as far as I know this band has broken up. A quick and very enjoyable listen with tons of replay value. 92/100

Evan Brewer- Alone (2011)
Genre: Solo Bass, Experimental
Thoughts: This is amazing stuff. Evan Brewer is the current bassist of 'The Faceless' and former bassist of 'Animosity'. This is his incredible and reality bending solo release. It is all bass guitar, these songs are amazingly fluid for the level of musicianship and complexity accomplished here. A sound blending smooth jazz, mystical classical guitar, soft rock and incorporating trippy electronica/8 bit (think Sega Genesis games) into the song structure. The atmosphere and energy the album sets is unbelievable and audibly stunning, your ears are not used to hearing this much low tone! It actually tricks you into hearing things that aren't really there. An awesome experience. 96/100

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