Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arckanum- Helvítismyrkr (2011)

Artist- Arckanum
Album- Helvitismyrk
Genre- Black Metal
Year: 2011

1. Helvitt
2. Myrkrin Vinna Hefnt
3. Or Djupum
4. In Svarta
5. Nifldreki
6. Svartr ok Þursligr
7. Þrúðgelmis Hlaut
8. Sisiltinn
9. Outro

The raw, dark and ever growing library of Arckanum is beyond essential to any black metal fan. Shamaatae has once again produced a monstrous single handed effort in his latest release, 'Helvitismyrk'. Driving riffs cut through the surprisingly clean production, thick pounding drums, dominating harsh vocals and trance-like points of melody and cleans, in a way very atmospheric and mystical overall. My favorite release since 'Kostogher' but i admit i have not heard last years 'Sviga Lae' yet...

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