Sunday, September 25, 2011

Necrocomicon- Hot Dog Cart Hunter (2011)

Artist: Necrocomicon
Album: Hot Dog Cart Hunger
Genre: Black/Death Metal Covers
Year: 2011

Track Listing:

1. Hot Dog Cart Hunger
2. Careless Whisper
3. (I Just) Died In Your Arms
4. Everybody Wants to Rule the World
5. Danger Zone
6. Eye of the Tiger
7. Owner of a Lonely Heart
8. Somebody's Watching Me
9. Push it to the Limit
10. Countdown
11. In the Air Tonight
12. Bonus Track

Necrocomicon performs blistering covers of classic cheeseball rock songs from the 80's, rad. Now kids, go tell your parents or guardian about this album, after all it could be a bonding experience for you guys. In all seriousness though, these 2 dudes truly kill it, mountains of double bass, razor sharp guitars, chilling black metal style vocals, all fast paced with a raw and grimy production. Support them if you can. And that goes for all the great bands on here, if you haven't bought at least 1 new cd this month, get on that!

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