Monday, September 26, 2011

Abacinate- Portrayal of the Gray Man (2006)

Artist: Abacinate

Album: Portrayal of the Gray Man

Genre: Death Metal

Year: 2006

From: South Jersey

More: Metal Archives

Track Listing:

1. Far From The Reaches of Medical Attention

2. No Big Deal... Death Always Comes With The Territory

3. The Lips That Never Smile

4. Extension Cord 17

5. Life Is Worth Losing

Here we go kiddies, back from the day of 2006 when these clowns were on high atop the ever growing death metal scene in NJ. Full of beer fueled attitude and littered with offensive audio samples, the sound of Abacinate can be described as aggressive, catchy as fuck and definitely mosh worthy. This was the first official EP and is featuring the original line up. Abacinate is currently on hold due to the passing of new vocalist Jay "Lurch" Sica. RIP.

C L O W N I N '


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